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  1. hotel magnum

    austin k2 steering box bearings

    hi a friend in the Netherlands is looking for the steering box bearings for a 1946 Austin k2 or a left hand drive steering box, or suggestions, imperial is hard to find in metric land.
  2. hotel magnum

    Wanted Bedford MW wheel

    there were two 8 stud military wheels for sale at the three oakfords rally nr shillingstone at the weekend, there were military vehicles on show so someone in the dorset mvt might have seen them and know who the seller was.
  3. well now theres a conundrum, only wwII vehicles but Hotchkiss post war jeeps are ok, that does not seem fair, as most of the veterans of the time are no longer with us we are surely showing our respect for them, so it would not matter what vehicle was used, I can see the point of military vehicles only but cannot see the point in an age restriction, do we not respect all of our forces even those currently serving, this is not a criticism just my thoughts, alan
  4. oh well that's knocked that idea on the head then, I don't think theres much chance of finding a wwII vehicle and getting it done by the date, thanks for your help joris.
  5. hotel magnum

    2019 MVT normandy tour whos going

    is there a limit on the total vehicles or people on this trip
  6. hi Joris is there a year stipulation to the age of vehicles or can it be any military vehicle, also is there a cut off date to register, I will be away from base until mid may and have not yet had definite answer from possible attendees and a vehicle we have found which would serve our needs we are unsure of a build date but is post war.
  7. hotel magnum

    Night heaters

    I have diesel eberspachers in both an 03 fiat ducato camper 12v and a Mercedes atego two 24v. as well as most of the trucks I have driven over the years, all good gear, run stationary or moving, really good sites on u tube for repairs and service, usually reliable but the later ones are hard wired into the trucks electrics and second hand do not always have everything you need, the most common fault is the little wire gauze under the igniter plug becoming blocked, a cheap fix and readily available from fleabay, (if its been continually tried to start it may smoke for awhile when running again to burn off fuel mine smoked for nearly an hour and the lady over the road thought the house was on fire lol)
  8. hotel magnum

    Photobucket issues

    i am sure on the trucknet site there was a fix for that but I was not a photo bucket user,
  9. thanks for that joris, we are looking for something green to bring, grand fathers Bedford was requisitioned with himself during the war, used on airfield runway construction hauling beach shingle for concrete, we will be in touch.
  10. any idea why my pictures come up every time I post something, or better still how do I delete them, I asked the mods but no reply as yet,
  11. no real reason it needs to follow close, and meet up at the end is fine, its our accommodation so just needs to be ready when the head gets too heavy.
  12. can we get a discount from dfds on the crossings, does my transporter just follow on behind the road runs, at a subtle distance of course,
  13. hotel magnum

    Axle / transmission wind up !!!

    the later one with the higher roof and aircraft type locker across the back was ideal as we always double manned. which was also ideal as then tea was brewed all day, luncheon was made on the move, and we usually did 3 on 3 off driving much better to have a 3 hour break rather than a 45, even with the stopped meal in the middle of the day, always some one to talk to of an evening, and conversation over breakfast, a very civilised way to spend the day.
  14. hotel magnum

    Axle / transmission wind up !!!

    Volvo eng and auto box, it had a bit of a bad time after I had to move to an MAN, (which I fell out of as they put the doors on wrong and could not get out of on the ferries as the trucks are so tight, yes the poor old magnum got hit from behind and pushed into the truck in front so both the trailer and cab had a bashing, then when it came back it was sliver in colour then jack knifed in Sweden so back to the menders again, when I visited the yard Christmas she was parked in the corner looking a bit sad and is up for sale, it was a good truck never let me down took it all over Europe loved it, the first one I had had the mack in same thing never missed a beat, I liked them and with the new trailer on I thought I was the bees knees no need for lights stainless or frilly curtains, miss it now though.
  15. hotel magnum

    Axle / transmission wind up !!!

    I always went for the jacking of one wheel when trying to dis engage 4x4 if it did not release on its own, and as said the amount of torque stored is huge, so be a bit careful not to let your arm get dragged in between the tyre and road,