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  1. I've been considering the green and black, i always like a bit of camo! yours looks really good ! I looked up your APC rego number and it wasn't in the list, there was 82BA87 then 82BA90 which is strange, makes me think the list is not complete, there was a 82BA90 that was listed as an Ambulance, says only 12 were made.
  2. you are correct Terry, Ive the list of VRN and manufacture order and approx date, from that list mine was the 3rd last to be built. I was even made aware of the engine paperwork hidden in the engine bay. Still there... in perfect condition. Mine is a 1972 to 73 build and the service records are from 74 onward. FF vehicles are a 1972 to 73 build and mine is reverse flow cooling leaning more about it each week thanks guys Its getting hydro blasted next week, back to bare metal then Ill prime and paint it ... what colour scheme do you guys think i should go with
  3. i might be interested, I've just purchased a Saracen that's missing the two front mounted launchers what $ are you thinking cheers Ted
  4. have a look at the holley sniper, http://www.vpw.com.au/Category/Index/612787 these are closed loop and self tuning, based on O2 sensor and a few other parameters ... very neat set up, and will take away the " averages " that carbs are built from. combining that with a turbo/air to water inter-cooler and killer chiller, we will have a safer and far better tuned engine, you can link the wast gate to boost controller so this 6.5:1 compression engine will easily see big gains in power and efficiency without overly stressing the engine or drive train components, providing you don't try and drag race it or do too many burnouts.
  5. Yes I would handle the heat very easily with a killer chiller, that uses an AC unit to pump the fluid through a box as such to chill water to below zero, i would use a air to water chiller, have one here in stock to handle this, then i would use a stand alone AC unit, as we all know none were fitted for the player comfort. I think its very do-able, ive just installed my killer chiller on my supercharged AMG and its amazing, I'm seeing an extra 50hp, and decreasing the stress on my engine, I also have water methanol injection on my other 6 ton 4wd diesel, that takes 150 degrees out of the exhaust temp, and removes heat as it turns to steam in the combustion chamber. Keeps the internals very clean as well. Id imagine these engines are built pretty tough, being all steel and super heavy duty, the compression being kept low so poor quality fuel can be used, does anyone have any internal pictures of cylinder bore or the bottom end that i can see, how many bolts are on the main caps etc, If i can get mine working well and increase the power and fuel efficiency Id be happy to share with everyone. cheers Ted
  6. Hi Chris Thanks very much for the info, you guys are a great wealth of knowledge. cheers Ted
  7. has anyone thought about turbocharging one of these engines? or is " Original" the only way? just thinking about better efficiency and more power. could also convert to fuel injection as well ... hmmm cheers Ted
  8. Hi Guys Great reading and info on these APC's, I'm learning a lot .. Tho i do have a question, my Mk6 has a rego number of 06FF42 I have the log books and like others it starts in 74, some work done on it in the 80's and early 90's, lots of engine and gear box servicing and upgrades. I can see entries from Ireland in the 70's and Hong Kong in the 80's and 90's as i only purchased it yesterday its yet to be delivered, so i will check numbers inside later. cheers Ted
  9. Hi Nic thanks mate, So i went and paid for it on the weekend and picked up a spare turret that he had, when i got it home in noticed it has a 50 cal bullet hole in the side, it looks like it would have passed just in front of the periscope. Great bit of history, so I'm cleaning it up and repainting it in a base coat to protect the steel. I have all the service records and driver logs and work shop manual as well... Plus a few more brand new windows and 3 helmets with mics etc .. the communications cable reel and a couple of antenna bases. I'm ordering new tires for it soon ... currently its got a bit of surface rust and lichen growing on it .. so ill blast all that off and re paint, this i will do the traditional green and black camo pattern .. it appears mine had its bores hones out 10 tho back in the 90's and still the B80 engine so hopefully i wont have the cylinder head gasket problems that i see the B81's have had. I have a Boys 55 Cal Anti Tank gun in my safe that i will mount into the turret when i have mine all cleaned up. Its going to look awesome. plus its fully functional ... Cheers Ted
  10. Hi guys my first post and joined today, this weekend i buy my Saracen RF, Im excited and scared at the same time soon enough ill have questions cheers Ted
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