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  1. Thanks again Ron. I will publish pictures soon. Regards
  2. Ron, one more question: Is thé engine ( number 3hw 60000) thé original one one frame TL 50000? If yes, why this 10000 différence?
  3. Thanks a lot Ron. I will post pictures later, when i will start assembling. She was transformed un civil bike with many layers if painting. Thanks again Pierre
  4. Hi Ron Sorry to use this topic and for my Bad english. I juste start 3hw project and i dont Know how calculate a tank number. My frame number is TL 50000 My engine number is 3HW 60000 How Can i calculate my tank number ? Is it possible to Know on which army or division this motocycle as been un Time if War ? Thank you and sorry afin to Come on this topic but i Saw you answered à samedi question on one ils one. Regards Pierre
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