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    Ural 4320.

    Surveyor.: I just stopped restoring work. I'm going to go from March to post photos. Meanwhile, I can get a firefighter TÜ2 Gaz66.
  2. Kiscsepi

    Ural 4320.

    Yes. Very good, on narrow roads a bit unpleasant
  3. Kiscsepi

    Ural 4320.

    Enigma:Thank you very much. There is a lot of work on it, and I'll do it over time. Complete brake repair is underway.
  4. Kiscsepi

    Ural 4320.

    Robin33.: 1989 registration ural 4320. Very young car.
  5. Kiscsepi

    Ural 4320.

    Surveyor.:I'm a collector. I will use Hobby. I want to take pieces and rebuild it to be like a new one.
  6. Kiscsepi

    Ural 4320.

    We work hard. It will be ready soon!
  7. Kiscsepi

    Zil 131 rattle

    hello. I speak a little English. I can not watch the video, maybe I can help. do you upload the video to another location? I have a Ural 4320 truck.
  8. Welcome my name is Miklos. I found your sit. I have a original 10,000km run Ural 4320 truck and one original uaz 469. I'm collecting other military vehicles.I send you my picture of my car.I'm kind of friends with collectors. If you have a Ural/Zil, Kraz, Gaz... or other eastern block vehicle please feel free to drop me an email at kiscsepi@gmail.hu I am always happy to hear from anyone else in the UK or anywhere else who owns one of these vehicles and exchange technical information and sources of parts etc. sorry I am Hungarian, I speak little English. I look forward to your friends. Thank you ( :