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  1. Thanks for all the information, I am going to have a good look at the points suggested this weekend
  2. Sorry, I hope that there is an arrow on this picture?
  3. All very good stuff, thanks a million. I have attached a picture of the dash. The round silver button is a bit of a mystery! Any ideas what that was for?
  4. Coincidentally I also received a reply from my FOI request (the email for this if anyone is searching for it is cio-foi@mod.uk) The response is attached. Does this mean that it went to Hong Kong with the Gurkhas? FOI.pdf
  5. Thanks for this I am going to drop him an email now here it is in case anyone else wants it freemil@btinternet.com
  6. Ruxy, thank you very much for your incredible help. My land rover does have: Bonnet lock hasp, Pedal rubbers on brake & Clutch (not throttle) Aux. switch panel at centre of plastic dash Towing D Rings Reflectors are on the body panels and have been carelessly half painted over by IRR paint! It doesn't have: Ammeter, where would that be? Chamois leather swivel housing gaiters (although they may have been taken off by a previous owner I suppose) Sun visors Front Bumperettes Thank you for the information about the axles I will need to do some research on this
  7. Right thanks, yes it can be locked
  8. Dear all thank you very much for your help. Ruxy - Mine is a late series 3 and it does have high level inertia seat belts and dual line brakes, I don't have a towing pack as at some point has had a rear 3/4 chassis so was probably lost or sold then. It has the de-luxe bonnet I am not sure what you mean by hasp on filler cap?
  9. Hi all, I applied for the B card (attached) from the RLC archive (at great expense!) and excitedly downloaded it, but haven't got a clue what it means!! Can anyone help me? I have recently fulfilled my ambition and bought a 1984 Land Rover, Series 3, SWB... Thank you in advance for any help I am really excited to learn more.. Military History 81KC72.pdf
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