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  1. I've used John Davey Limited of Cannon Park, Middlesbrough before who mixed AA yellow paint for me from a vehicle part that still had the original colour on it but had been hidden from wear and tear - they also have load of colour swatches also to choose from not cheap but they are used by quite a lot of the local garages
  2. Thank you for the replies so far Pleased to see that replacement tyres are available
  3. Thanks for the replies re the photos I am struggling to condense / resize them to be able to post on this forum (I will try to get someone under 20 to help me with technology) in the meantime the following link shows the same model of accumulator trailer/trolley I have :- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Accumulator_trolley,_Royal_Air_Force_Museum,_Hendon._(23169500074).jpg mine is currently sporting a lighter shade of blue colour than the image above re the colour scheme, am I barking up the wrong tree with olive drab ? the post on this forum for RAF vehicle camouflage colours suggests that in late war yellow could have been used ? Re the tyres I have been able to look more closely at the (perished) tyres and have discovered a size of 5.00 x 19" printed in a much smaller font than the 29 x 5 - if that is the correct size then Vintage tyres may have some in stock. Any advice of restoring the canvas over wooden framework would be welcomed (I am thinking along the lines of whether anyone can give advice having restored a bow top caravan - whether canvas needs to be stretched / prepared / doped ??)
  4. I have acquired what is believed to be an ex RAF accumulator trolley but the tyres on the (holed) wheels are shot. The tyres have measurements 29 x 5 on the side and printed 'for agricultural' use Does anyone have any suggestions for a source of replacements tyres ? Does anyone have any suggestions for a RAL paint code for olive drab (if that is the crrect color scheme to restore to late ww2 condition?) The wooden frame that covers the batteries (batteries long since gone) is covered in a fabric (canvas) - the canvas is starting to perish - does anyone have any suggestions for recommended suppliers of replacement canvas ? Finally if anyone has any images of the original brochure / specification or these in use can you please attach ? - so far the only images I can find of a similar trolley are images taken at RAF Hendon showing the trolley painted blue any assistance / information will be gratefully received I
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