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  1. Dec 2019, Chassis off to sand blaster's.
  2. Bare chassis! November 2019. Spent some time removing a welded on section that shouldn't be there, also straightened parts of the chassis which had been hit from behind in it's life, was easier to do this before we removed the axles. We are very lucky that we have a crane on site to help with lifting the chassis. The chassis will be sandblasted and painted within the next couple of weeks, and this leaves us time and and area to work on the axles and springs. Once it gets too cold work will end until the Spring time as we are working mostly outside! The following picture's speak for themselves.
  3. Not too much progress lately. few more parts sand blasted waiting to be painted. For some reason we have two odd headlamp bowls, does anyone know the correct size?
  4. Managed to prime a few parts, remove front bumper and get steering box ready for removal. Still a rolling chassis at the moment, hopefully a bare chassis soon!
  5. First few parts back from sand blaster's in zinc, then primed in Bonda Rust Primer which I highly recommend, goes on really well and if brushed leaves no brush marks at all.
  6. We are lucky that we have a sand blaster next door, so we are preparing a few items at a time for them. They will zinc them for us too and we will prime them when we get them back.
  7. The chassis has been hit over the years so we need to straighten this out. It is still a rolling chassis at the moment, we will drop the axles soon.
  8. Possibly original paint on steering box?
  9. Last weekend! Trying to free rusty bolts in fuel tank hanger's......some more stubborn than others!
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