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  1. Managed to prime a few parts, remove front bumper and get steering box ready for removal. Still a rolling chassis at the moment, hopefully a bare chassis soon!
  2. First few parts back from sand blaster's in zinc, then primed in Bonda Rust Primer which I highly recommend, goes on really well and if brushed leaves no brush marks at all.
  3. We are lucky that we have a sand blaster next door, so we are preparing a few items at a time for them. They will zinc them for us too and we will prime them when we get them back.
  4. The chassis has been hit over the years so we need to straighten this out. It is still a rolling chassis at the moment, we will drop the axles soon.
  5. Possibly original paint on steering box?
  6. Last weekend! Trying to free rusty bolts in fuel tank hanger's......some more stubborn than others!
  7. Next jobs will be to take off axles, springs, and steering box so we have a completely bare chassis. We only want to restore this once so intend on doing it right! We will sand blast the chassis first and rebuild up from that. We do have an original engine for this but intend on putting the diesel Bedford engine back....mainly for economy!
  8. May 2019. We are lucky that we have access to a forklift, without this would be impossible to remove the heavy items, the radiator alone is really a two man lift! The cab is in two parts, we struggled and lifted the rear off....stupid move!
  9. Forget the Winter!....now March 2019.
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