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  1. Bit of a long shot, and a guess. As you were able to get the light working until you moved the truck; I suspect the lights were earthing through the drawbar of the trailer, rather than through the trailer plug, which would explain why everything worked until you started moving again. A rusty hitch would give an intermittent earth. Just a guess though, as you didn't say whether the remaining lights were affected in any way.
  2. Tractor......................... TRACTOR................. RACING TRACTOR :shocked: You can't mention tractors on here.............. well, not unless you put pictures up too........ so come on......... where's the pictures for us agricultural types. :-D Just wondering......... wasn't the Grey Ferguson engine (Petrol TVO) the same as the Standard Vanguard, and the TR2?
  3. Never seen a cab like that before..........??? Is it a sleeper pod, or is it a storage area? If it's a sleeper conversion, it looks to have been nicely made. Could it have been made by a company like Jennings who did cab conversions for the likes of ERF etc. Any possibility of pictures of the inside of it please?
  4. What would have caused the pitting on the crown wheel teeth? Could it be due to poor lubricant quality.... or lack of it? Apart from wear grooves in the teeth of the crown wheel, it must be difficult to judge the exact amount of wear; as the teeth never quite appear to be the shape you would expect them to be...... ie, having a flat top to the teeth, rather than the apparent sharp edge. It's a whole different piece of kit from a spiral bevel gearset. Doesn't look like it went round too many corners though. The diff planetary gears look to be virtually new. One final question regarding the diff outer casing. Will you be leaving the casting in the form it is at the moment, or will you "Dress" it in some way to reduce the pitting. Rust pitting must be an annoying problem when doing a restoration to the standard of the rest of your truck?
  5. That is f'kin gorgeous innit. Oh to have money. Lovely combination Perkins Eagle, 9 speed Fuller box. We have an ERF at work that I would love to own, much along the same lines as this. Very tidy inside and out, Eagle TX340, 9 speed Fuller box. I have told my bosses that I would like to buy it, but no doubt they will sell it elsewhere when the time comes. Would look great with a low loader on the back.
  6. Presumably, you wouldn't be able to use contaminated fuel containing kerosene either as this carries a "Marker" like gas oil or red diesel. While kero looks like road diesel, it could be detectable if it contains more than one percent in the mix........... or so we are told. Apparently the only undetectable addative in road diesel is Bio.
  7. I hate to sound like a party pooper........... but isn't contaminated fuel usage restricted to off road use? Surely if you used it on public roads, then the "Diesel dippers" would rub their hands with glee if you were stopped. I imagine you would drain out the white diesel when you arrive at a show, and then run on anything available. As a person with limited knowledge of 'Multi fuel engines" will it run on spirit, or is it only fuel oils that can be used?
  8. I often see small cars being towed behind motor homes, and haven't heard of any legal problems with towing in this way. The ones I've looked at have over run brakes on the 'A' frame, linked to the brake pedal by cable. Lighting is provided by a link cable between the two vehicles, using the lights on the towed vehicle much as you would use a towing board. I'm not sure how the breakaway works in the event of the towed vehicle becoming detached though. Presumably it is assumed that the 'A' frame will remain attached to the towed vehicle and merely apply the handbrake, as it would on a trailer. I would have thought the biggest legal problem would be using an 'A' frame without braking, as the towed vehicle becomes a trailer over the specified weight for un-braked trailers. I haven't fully read the article on towing on an a frame, so forgive me if I'm raking up questions that have already been answered.
  9. I did send you a personal message last night suggesting you contacted forum member listerdiesel, as his name suggests; he has access to a considerable amount of information on stationery engines, and should be able to help you.
  10. Firstly welcome to the forum, and I hope you enjoy being a member. Being on here is a guaranteed way of finding the answer to anything you want to know.......... military vehicle related. Try sending a PM to listerdiesel. He has a considerable knowledge and access to records and manuals etc for the various engines. He should be able to help.
  11. Ashley........... the illness......... or affliction you are trying to think of is "Bells Palsey" It isn't dangerous in any way, and will often disappear after a week or two. Sometimes it does need therapy if it is very bad. Apparently it is caused by the inflammation of the tunnel through which the facial nerves exit the scull. It isn't contagious either. My youngest step daughter has had it twice, and the hospital said it can for some reason reappear in ten year cycles. Hope that is all he's suffering from, and that he soon gets better.
  12. Friday night on our forecourt; both petrol and diesel were 99.9. A while ago I was pleased that unleaded was roughly 10p a litre cheaper than diesel as my car is petrol. Obviously us petrol users have had to bear the cost of price increases to keep the price of diesel down. Still no apparent price reductions in the shops though. :-\
  13. I like the one in the last picture.......... looks pretty good with a Ford 'D' Series cab. It amazes me the number of different cabs we've seen grafted on to these vehicles. Can't say as I've seen any other makes with so many different makers cabs fitted to them. Probably give the rivet counters a nervous breakdown.... :cool2: :-D
  14. I know what a limited budget is like when it comes to restorations.........:-( Do you know anyone with a JCB digger loader......... the stabiliser legs may just shift them. Just keep the heel of the leg close to the rim, When the leg pushes down on the tyre, spray some WD 40 in the gap. Keep turning the wheel and repeating the process. Maybe your local plant hire firm could be kind enough to allow a driver to do it as a "Saturday" job. Well.... it must be worth a go.
  15. I had heard of the Chinooks you mentioned being unable to fly due to computer problems; but assumed they would have overcome this long ago. I suppose they have to use the latest technology, but perhaps they should go back to whatever they used before. At least they will get some into service. Sorry, I know little of aircraft, so if my comment seems a little silly; I apologise. I have a great deal of interest, and limited knowledge.
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