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  1. Thank you for the replies
  2. Morning! I am trying to establish the military registration of an Abbott SPG, the plate is not present and nor is the original registration number. Any ideas on whether there is an identifying mark on these vehicles that allow it to be traced? Thanks Peter
  3. PHB

    VT 55

    Hi Robin - I don't know who the owner of that particular VT55 was but we have one if you need information for reference Peter
  4. Hi - I'm looking for a set of radios for a 1950's m47 Patton tank - any assistance in putting a set together would be appreciated. A nice to have would be inter driver / turret communication. Thanks Peter
  5. Looking to kit out 6 adults with US army gear for a vehicle outing in the North West - any suggestions - hire or buy? Thanks Peter
  6. ...just to add - I'll have a closer look and see if there is any evidence of it being there and removed as you suggest. Peter
  7. Hi Mark - I've just been renovating our m47 - there is no idler on ours....
  8. Thanks Doug. I've since sold the Fox but I know the lad who is restoring it well and will mention this to him. Thanks you for the reply. Peter
  9. I require one of the two banks of oil coolers for the M47 General Patton Tank. The oil coolers are in banks of three - each are 63cm x 40cm x 6cm - or 24 inch x 14 inch x 2 1/2 inch The photo is one of the coolers - split up into the three. Hope that makes sense!
  10. Thanks Nick - I managed to locate one in the end. Thank you for you contacting me. Peter
  11. Thanks Terry I will. Regards Peter
  12. thank you for the replies guys. Appreciate that these are probably going to be rare if in existence at all. There were a number of foxes released with no engine / transmission - some time ago - but I'm guessing now that these were removed to replace parts on others perhaps. Also the turrets on foxes were often swapped for the scorpion turret - so just curious whether this was done as part of the Sabre programme ie a converted scorpion - unlike the Scimiter which I think was a production model. Peter
  13. Wanted Fox / CVR(W) gearbox - I'm looking for a fox gearbox or fox gearbox engine complete - Please let me know if you have one OR know of the possible whereabouts too. Thanks
  14. Looking to locate a fox gearbox or fox gearbox engine complete - Please let me know if you know of the possible whereabouts too. Cheers!
  15. CVRW Fox - for sale Take out jag J60 engine with the vehicle but the ancillary bits are no with it - Dummy Rarden Canon with the Fox. Viewing recommended. Decent road wheels and rolls freely. Use for either a static display, gate guard or potential to restore. £4700 ovno Located in Rossendale Lancashire.
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