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  1. Good morning all, I need someone to move a truck from Burnham - on - Crouch to Kidderminster? Anybody able to help out? Kind regards Lawrence
  2. Dear all, We need a replacement set of brake pipes for our Leyland Hippo. We have been down to our local hydraulic specialist and they cannot find what threads are on the ends. From the hydraulic company; "Righto so the steel pipe from brake servo to rear axles has split and corroded so it will need to be replaced from front to rear. Unfortunately the flexible hoses between chassis and axle have also gone but they cant work out what the thread is. The flexi then goes from the T piece by the diff. Then copper pipes goes from that to the brake cylinders. Also these copper pipes are crushed and 2 have splits in it them." Anyone got any help on this one?
  3. Afternoon all, We are looking for a canvas for our Leyland Hippo, now we've never had one since coming into our ownership and I'm struggling to find anyone out there who will provide a new one for us! Any Suggestions? Regards
  4. Afternoon all, We are currently looking for a smaller ww2 period vehicle as our Leyland Hippo is a little large to just pop out in for the afternoon, so we are looking for something along the lines of a Bedford MW, Dodge weapons carrier or something similar. We've been keeping an eye out on the usual sites but there hasn't been anything that has taken our fancy. Condition wise, anything from rally ready to something that needs work. Kind Regards Lawrence
  5. Looking for some assistance and recommendations. The clutch on our MK2 Hippo needs attention. Does anybody 1) Have a spare clutch they are willing to part with OR 2) Recommend somewhere to get it overhauled? Kind Regards Lawrence
  6. We have the original set of wheels now being delivered so that's all good! Still need the paint codes though if someone has them! Regards Lawrence Leyland Hippo VSU334
  7. We have finally taken delivery of our Leyland Hippo. Luckily for us, it doesn't require a lot of work to get it back on the road and in anticipation we want get the stock of paint together. Additionally, the rear wheels on ours is completely different to any other I've seen. Was this normal and okay or do we (at some stage) need to find a replacement set? I have included a photo of ours (just after delivery) and the paint scheme that we want to paint it in. Can someone share what the codes are please. Kind Regards Lawrence
  8. We have been let down by our previous haulier and need to get our 1940's Leyland Hippo MK2 home. Transport required from DN14 7XL to DY13 9QB ASAP. Kind Regards Lawrence
  9. We have another complete set of hubs and tyres which are the correct spec for having double wheels on the rear axle which came with the vehicle.
  10. On the contrary, the previous owner whom we have just purchased the vehicle from has spent a lot of time and money on the vehicle. The wooden bed has been completely replaced along with many of the rotten panels and cab structure. Apart from the last couple of panels, inspection hatches and windows the vehicle is ready for paint and shown on the rally field.
  11. Good morning all, We have recently gained Leyland Hippo MK2 VSU334 into our collection of vehicles. We require 2 front wheel arches to complete the vehicle would anyone know of any for sale or on redundant scrap vehicles? Additionally we are also on the hunt for a canvas roof for it, knowing that it is unlikely that there will be any "spare" where would you suggest the best place to get a new one made? Kind Regards Lawrence
  12. Good evening, We are currently in the process of restoring a 1950's Dennis F12 fire engine but are missing some bits and pieces. Our main problem being that we cannot get any of the original style hinges for the locker doors which are are shewn below. Does anyone have some lying around or been through the process of having some cast? Additionally we require new hose for the reels on the roof, again if anyone has some lying around please get in touch! Kind Regards Lawrence
  13. Good evening all, Just putting some feelers out as I may need to transport a leyland Hippo from Goole (East Yorkshire) back to Kidderminster (Worcestershire). I know it's a silly question but does anybody know of someone who could do this relatively cheaply as we are on a bit of a tight budget with this one? Kind Regards Lawrence
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