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  1. Hello Dee, Don't think any of these will be of any use as the Green Goddess are based on RL running gear and these tools are all for later Bedfords. I don't have a bedford RL manual but I'm sure there will be someone on this forum who can help. Mike.
  2. This is the large jaw that goes on the end of the underlift arm to give you a vertical pin for towing trailers etc with ring hitch. I only have the large fabrication itself and the two smaller pins. I don't have the large threaded pin or the stabiliser bar. NSN 2590-99-833-5789 is the number for the whole assembly. Items 10,14 and 15 on R5 Ancillary Equipment schedule. Good condition - doesn't look to have had much use.Hopefully of use to an Eka owner. Open to offers
  3. The two dump truck manuals and the S26 catalogue now gone to a new home where I hope they will prove themselves useful. Thanks to Steve for collecting them.
  4. I have the following which I no longer need. All in good condition except where noted. Open to offers. 'Dump Truck, Medium, Self Loading. 6x6, Scammell S26' Illustrated parts catalogue 3805-D-160-711 June 1990 (About 1"thick) 'Dump Truck, Medium, Self Loading. 6x6, Scammell S26' Technical Description and repair instruction 3805-D-160-302 May 1985 (About 1 1/2" thick) Used but still very usable. Scammell S26 Parts catalogue (Scammell publication) Contract Number FVE 22A/222, order numbers 44017-44034 and 45241-45259. RAF 6 x 4 tractor unit. (About 1 1/2" thick). 'Truck, Load handling (DROPS) 15 tonne 8x6 LHD (IMMLC) Foden' 2320-R-302-711 2nd edition Jan 2002 (About 4" thick)
  5. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply and even look through the manuals . As per Richard's suggestion, I will take a photo of the tools that I have and hopefully it may be easier to identify them. There are some weird looking items but of course, there is always the possibility they are for something else.
  6. No, don't have a parts book. Are the tools shown in there?
  7. Richard, Thanks for the reply. The reason for asking was that I have a heap of tools which were supposedly all Bedford and I'm trying to sort-out what they all do with the aim to making a complete set. Quite a few are made by Kent Moore so hopeful but think there might be a few interlopers in the heap. Always nice to use a properly made specialist tool - heaven help us all from the nut that's been attacked with a hammer and screwdriver!
  8. Does anyone have an illustration (preferably with part numbers) for the specialist workshop tools for the Bedford MK and MJ. All costs happily met. Thanks Mike.
  9. I am indebted to Niceonetidy who e-mailed and sent on disc everything that I needed. Also to the others who pm'd me with other offers. Thank you to you all. Truly Grateful Mike.
  10. A while back, there used to be someone advertising the manuals for the Austin K9 on CD but now I can't find the ad. Does anyone either know who sells these or perhaps have a set that they don't want.. Thanks Mike.
  11. Hello Iain, I've been following this with interest as think it will affect more vehicles than most of us ever thought. Could you tell me whether the MK3 Militant still used UNF bolts etc or if it had gone metric by then. Need to assist an owner with some work on his and would be useful to know upfront. Thanks Mike.
  12. I have 9 of these unused wire bonds. The NSN is 2590 99 5353 398. They are approximately 1.3 metres long, 10 mm diameter and have properly reduced and soldered ends. All still with original grease impregnation so in perfect order. No idea what they fit - look like the sort of thing you could use for heavy duty axle straps etc. £2 each. 01277 222213
  13. Mark, I've got all of the manuals for the Foden so if there is any specific info that you want, I'm happy to scan and e-mail to you or photocopy and send. Just let me know and I will dig-out the relevant pages. Mike.
  14. Definitely not like the Foden Eka unit which has connections at each end and is oval.
  15. Sam, If you don't get any luck, a friend of mine has at least two good part worn tyres that he might be willing to part with.
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