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  1. Mark, I've got all of the manuals for the Foden so if there is any specific info that you want, I'm happy to scan and e-mail to you or photocopy and send. Just let me know and I will dig-out the relevant pages. Mike.
  2. MIKES

    Foden front mount exhaust

    Definitely not like the Foden Eka unit which has connections at each end and is oval.
  3. MIKES

    1500x20 Bar Grip

    Sam, If you don't get any luck, a friend of mine has at least two good part worn tyres that he might be willing to part with.
  4. MIKES

    Leyland Daf Drops

    Does anyone on the forum know Colvyn? I lent him the test equipment and manuals earlier this year and now can't get hold of him. He doesn't reply to e-mails or answer his mobile phone. Thought better of him and trusted him with this and not impressed.
  5. Can anyone please advise what grade of oil goes into the air hydraulic clutch unit. The user manual states that periodically the plug should be removed and 1 fluid ounce of oil injected in but doesn't say what grade. Thanks.
  6. I'm looking for all of the manuals for the MK3 Militant recovery: User handbook Parts list Technical handbook Please let me know if you have all or any of these that you would sell. Thanks Mike.
  7. What saved the then owner was the spare wheel davit which fortunately was fitted and took a lot of the force when it rolled. A lucky escape and a good reminder of why you meed to keep your air brake system in good condition.
  8. MIKES

    Defence Service Eye Spacing

    Thanks to all who have replied - most enlightening. I thought that this was a simple subject - wrong as usual. I've seen the many ends for the Holebones but had an inclination from something previously read that there was a standardisation of those in more recent years on wheeled vehicles. Interesting if DEF STAN 25-6 was cancelled after being referred to in other documents.
  9. Does anyone have an official drawing of the dimensions and spacing of the defence service lifting eyes fitted to the front of British Army vehicles. I would also be interested in the history of this, when it was a requirement and were they retrospectively fitted to any vehicles. Many Thanks
  10. The killer for air tanks on vehicles (and workshop compressors) is the moisture in the air which frequently condenses in the vessel. This isn't a problem if they are regularly drained but if not the water sits in the tank and corrodes from the inside-out. I recently removed a air tank from a Matador as it had a pin hole in the underside. As a stop gap, I managed to cut out the worst and weld in a plug. The steel was very thin and the nest step will be to replace the cylindrical part of the tank with a new piece. Generally the ends can be carefully cut off and welded to the new tube. No amount of air testing would have shown the condition of the inside as even a relatively thin section would hold 100 psi. The best way to check is to get hold of a boroscope and use this to inspect the tank by removing an air connection or the drain plug. If it looks badly corroded then it's time to replace. We were lucking in that the matador tank failed in the yard and not on the road. Lesson learn't for all at the time.
  11. This is the Army illustrated parts catalogue for: Semitrailer, Tank transporter 50 Ton, 8 twin wheels, FV3011A LV2330-99-893-4168 Army Code No. 13327 2nd edition Jan 1980 (superseding 1st edition June 1961) In excellent clean condition. Might be useful if you have one of these!
  12. Does anyone know if Frank Burberry paint is still going? I've done a 'search' and can't find any recent trace of them. Alternatively, can anyone advise what sort of thinners was used with their M.V. paint as I have several large cans of DBG that I bought a few years ago and now am ready to start using . (nothing of any help on the labels). Thanks. Mike.
  13. MIKES

    Lucas CAV 24 Volt Alternator

    Clive, Thanks for the information. Hopefully will assist in finding a home for the alternator. Mike.
  14. The last bit from the shed clearance. This is a reconditioned 24 Volt alternator. It has a label which states it is by Prestolite Electric and is type AC5RS. 24 Volt, 40 Amp, Clockwise rotation. The label on the bag states 6MT4, NSN 2920-99-769-8923, generator engine accessory. This isn't the large 24 volt alternator as per the FFR Land Rovers so don't know what it fits. In excellent condition. If interested and have a use for it, drop me a note. Hopefully of use to someone. Thanks.
  15. MIKES

    Starter Motor

    Still clearing the shed so hopefully another item that may be of use to a fellow MV enthusiast. A reconditioned starter motor in as unfitted condition. Details from label are: DMC: 6MT4 NSN: 2920998176601 P/No: 1364108 Believed to be for the Leyland Daf with Cummins engine but please check that this is right. Open to offers.