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  1. Jon, do you have any pics of your M2 HB work you could post to my email: mkoloc44@yahoo.com Very Grateful, Mark
  2. Pete, still available? Wouldn't you be willing to ship to Italy to US Military Base? Looking for original windscreen for my 42 GPW. Postage of course would be my responsibility.
  3. Jon, your kit concept would be inovative and a significant game changer regards the current model for replica weapons here in the states. I may have the "path" you seek regards making that a viable option! Let me talk to some of the subject matter experts (SME) I am currently working with on a seperate issue and get back to you. Can you please PM your phone number and email address? //Vr// Mark
  4. Jon and All, new to the forum but an avid collector and your replicas are beautiful. One of my hanger mates flew his Spit to the Dunkirk premier in LA and had it on display for a week as part of the film's launch here on the states. For my own part, I recovered a complete and original US WWII M16A2 Antiaircraft Half Track from East Africa in 2006 while serving in the Army. It is has the original working Mason Quad mount and I am interested in 4 good looking M2 HB's to be able to mount in the "Queen" to give her the look she so deserves after all of her years of service and adventures. I have her back in working order after 50 years of sitting in the desert and is still in her original paint. She is number 315 of 413 M16A2 converted for service during the Korean war. She also saw service in Vietnam and then was shipped of to Africa with the French Foreign Legion. I recovered and returned her home to the US at my expense in 2006.
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