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  1. frustratingly we are still waiting on production, they have assured us its imminent! as soon as they ready i will make an update.
  2. thanks Robin, will be in touch once we have some firm dates on the first batch.
  3. we have made 900x16 to start with.
  4. Hi Everybody, Finally some good news on the tyre project, We anticipate production to happen this month, Finally!! all being well tyres will be in the UK in the spring. i will upload some pictures once they have been produced.
  5. Probably a good idea to contact the Heavy goods team as DVSA as you'll need to book a "first" MOT/plating, which when i did it for a Unimog was quite an involved job in itself! as you cant book a slot without the vehicle having a "Plate" so they had to issue us with a temporary plating then we could book the MOT slot. The MOT will need to be done before DVSA registration. Once we had made the initial contact with the heavy good team they were very helpful.
  6. PM sent, will take the lot.
  7. Just a waiting game at the moment, we're waiting on the company to produce them still. as its a small batch we have to wait our turn! frustrating but we will get there.
  8. Hi all, quick update on the tyres, we are just waiting on the production company to get on with them! we keep chasing them up but unfortunately no date for receiving them set it stone yet. we will get there in the end, as soon as i have a date set on them arriving on the uk i will update. sorry to anyone waiting on them, we are at the mercy of the production.
  9. That would be handy thanks, we wont do the 13's for a while yet as the 900's and 10.50's are priority.
  10. yes no problem, its currently a waiting game on the production run and shipping. Once we have a firm date i will update all those interested.
  11. Hi, Sorry i have been meaning to post an update There was a problem with the first test mould so it has been modified and the second test batch turned out great. obviously this has delayed the tyres a bit though. we are now hoping to do the production tyre imminently and get them on there way. its taken longer than hoped as well but unfortunately with a project like this it cant be helped. As soon as we have an update on shipping i will let you all know.
  12. Hi all There is a number of us from the Portsmouth area that are planning on heading over to OMG 2019 (not registered yet) with our vehicles. just wondering if there's any convoys from the UK heading over that we can try and meet up with? will probably travel via Dover. Cheers Baz
  13. hi Robert, yes that was me, i still have your business card ready for when they arrive.
  14. We haven't got a final price yet as we still have the shipping customs etc to sort. The aim is for them to be a similar price to 900x16 bar grips on the market. we haven't gone further with Dingo tyres yet, once the 900's are in we can start looking at the next sizes.
  15. quick update for those that have interest in the 9.00x16 tyres, they are due to arrive in January 2019.
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