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  1. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    nice one thanks Maurice, we will have to meet up somewhere, somehow.
  2. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Hi All Quick update on the tyres project. we are moving ahead with the 900x16 tyres. Two different ply ratings 8 and 14 for different uses i.e Bedford MW or Daimler ferret etc. we're hoping to have delivery of the first batch by the end of year. once the 900's are here we will commence with the next size, most likely 10.50x16 due to interest levels. does anybody have a 7.00x18 we could borrow as sample? Baz
  3. RMS

    Bedford ox chassis number

    i just checked on mine, its 12 inches behind the back of the cab, outer side of passenger chassis rail about 2 inches from the bottom edge. its a bugger to see as its directly behind the vacuum tank.
  4. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    We will look into it. previously we have found that a batch of 250 warrants the project. we will concentrate on the popular sizes to begin with. but if demand is there anything is possible
  5. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    yep the originals for British rims were slightly bigger, its an age old debate about fitting 16" tyres and there is no definitive answer. i have fitted dozens of tyres on British rims without any problems as have many others, some others have had problem and some people have the wheels turned down a touch on a lathe. To keep costs within reason we would use an existing new carcass and have the them moulded with the pattern required so they will most likely be 16". To make a the carcass from a scratch as well would raise the final price significantly.
  6. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Yep we wont be using any current names on the design, were thinking maybe WD with the Crows foot.
  7. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Hi, David i have a couple of tyres to use as a pattern one is the 30's style and the other is a WD stamped WW2 period tyre. so a final design will be WW2 style.
  8. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    I see 11.00 x 20 tyres are available at the moment for around £250- £275, so we'll see what can be done. needs interest though so pass the word.
  9. RMS

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Ok thanks for the feedback, didn't consider 1100-20's, is this QL size? will look into it and add it to the poll.
  10. RMS

    Track grip tyre interest

    as mentioned in other post
  11. Hi all I know a few years ago the subject of new track grip was looked into and sadly was a dead end. I have been looking into again but going down a slightly different route and basically it can be done. To produce a batch of new 900x16 track grips a possibly 10.50x16 provided there is sufficient interest to warrant the exercise. The guys Im working with have already made their own Jeep and GMC tyres with their own mould and the tyres have turned out great. Tyres would need to be made in batches of 250 to make it financially feasible. The final cost is not known at the moment as it will all depend on quantity etc. as indication of price a GMC tyre comes in around the £145-165 mark and a 900x16 will use slightly more material. It wont happen overnight but if we feel there is a enough interest to do so then the project will start. Ideally the tyres would be sold in batches of 4 or 5. i have started a poll to judge volume of interest. EDIT = i have added 11.00 x 20 and 9.00 x 13 as we have a serious enquiry for a large number of them already. Cheers Baz
  12. RMS

    Bedford ox chassis number

    mine is stamped just behind the cab on the passenger side chassis rail. behind the fuel or vacuum tank depending what model it is.
  13. RMS

    engine change

    Theres one going around with a cummins 6bt in it witht the 5 speed ZF box, it was on the Guernsey tour in 2015. a perkins 6354 would work nicely aswell, along with a stronger gearbox. i put a Nissan SD33 into an OX using the original bellhousing clutch and gearbox etc, works a treat and was a fairly simple conversion.
  14. RMS

    stalwart wheel stations

    I'm working on a stalwart at the moment and the lower wishbone pin had to be cut into 3 to remove the wheel station! i stripped the hub and split the king pin yoke to do it, not a pretty site! it took 20 tonnes of pressing and heat to get the pin out out of king pin yoke!!! was only changing a split gaiter!
  15. Hi all, any owners of type 23's on the forum? i need to have a good look or get some pictures of the bonnets hinges of one to help with a restoration project i'm working on, if anyone can help? i would be most grateful and will buy them a beer or two:-D cheers Barry