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  1. Wot 1

    In Australia

    So the Napier was used by the Brisbane city council after it saw service. My Great grandfather drove it for the council. It was sold off and boughtby a house removalist. So its always been in Brisbane. The Fiat we think never saw service and was bought new by Ryans transport of Brisbane. Was bought in the 50s and had a sign put on it for promoting a museum.
  2. Wot 1

    WOT 1 Down Under

    Yes Herb was the one who gave it to us. The one in Sydney we have driven and know the person who owns it now. Its still in Sydney.
  3. Wot 1

    In Australia

    A friend of mine owns these 2 truck. A 1912 Napier and a 1914 Fiat.
  4. Wot 1

    WOT 1 Down Under

    Yes this is the truck that was found in Mt Isa. Its is now in Brisbane.
  5. Wot 1

    WOT 1 Down Under

    No what you see is what we got.
  6. Wot 1

    WOT 1 Down Under

    Hi not so long ago we were given a Fordson WOT1 in fair conduction that was found the Australian outback. We plan to restore this truck.