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    Humber Pig / Saracen ... vehicles of the Troubles.

    I Have been ringing up enquiring about insurance for a Saracen. Insurance that would cover the carriage of passengers. Most of them won't touch it. Has anybody got any advice? And this is in N. Ireland where it is even harder to get insurance.
  2. HammerTime

    Humber Pig / Saracen ... vehicles of the Troubles.

    Thanks for the replies. So who are the foremost experts on Saracens and Humber Pigs on the forum?
  3. Hi there. New to the forum. Don't know if I'm wise but I am interested in purchasing a Humber Pig and/or a Saracen. Always been fascinated in them since seeing them on the streets of N.I. in my younger days. I've a keen interest in the iconic vehicles used during the Troubles. Not sure if I'd prefer the Pig MK2 for the proper N.I. 'look' or the less hassle that comes with a MK1 (so I'm led to believe!). I wouldn't want it as an ornament, definitely would have it in use, personal and commercial. A few questions as many of the posts with good info are nearly 10 years old now :- Do these vehicles come up for sale often and what sort of price these days for a good refurbished one? Are there any experts on here could give me any advice? MK1/MK2? Possible to get the MK2 look on a MK1? With the barricade buster? Would they be reliable enough to use these days? Are parts easily obtainable? Are they easy to work at? How hard are they to maintain (basics i.e. Oil, grease etc) by someone who doesn't have much experience? Would a general heavy mechanic/fitter be able to work their way round these machines? Is a Saracen just completely out of the question in 2017? Doing my research, it seems Saracens are a bit of a nightmare with possibly the Pig a tad more manageable? Thanks in advance.