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  1. When I had my m-2-4 & trailer inspected by the DLVA for tax class .i was told I could not carry any bombs on the trailer as it was loaded .And would require HGV road tax. & plating . But if the bombs where fixed (bolted or welded ). It then became part of the trailer for desplay & not a load. Before you carry an think on your GMC . Do some homework on what you can carry leagley T CORBIN
  2. No WOT 1. But WOT 3. +. Mistrey ? GPW. . 7V. BB. ???? Tony
  3. Best I can do without a scanner Tony
  4. Will send more when I get my copper /scanner working. Tony
  5. Hi Duson I have about 100 pictures .Any pictuler model that your interest in T CORBIN
  6. John walker brought all the ford parts .He is in row G. .The only man selling British WW11 parts at the show TONY CORBIN
  7. Called in to W&P to day to find our camping area . I had a MV booked in online .Not interested in Mv did give me two rist bands so we drove the car in. .cheap way to go ot W&P for 5 days. T CORBIN
  8. Going to w&p next week will take all my parts I have collected.left over from WOT 1. & wot 3. . Should be on the Imps Weald area. With INTERNATIONAL M-2-4. &. WOT 3. .TONT CORBIN 07948548903
  9. GTB MAN

    New toy

    Got one more picture
  10. GTB MAN

    New toy

    Half way through my new project JULY 1950 80in Land Rover .More harder to get the right parts than most of the other. Mv I have restored .And very expensive .Ithas been striped down to bare chassis.Galvinsed & painted all other parts blasted & painted .Not much been go in on for the last 2 years .Recovering from an operation . Will plaster mor pictures when I work out how to transfer them to my new computer T CORBIN
  11. Diagram ok but does not show any convoy light or switch .Convoy light is connected to the rear light .But the ground cable. Goes threw the convoy switch switching on the convoy light The other way switches on the break. & tail light TONY CORBIN
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