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  1. 14.00 x 20 Bar grip Tyres

    Four 14.00 x 20 Military bar grip pattern tyres, plenty of tread, might even be NOS. located in Lincolnshire. £200 each. Not seen any of these for sale for years. Perfect for wartime vehicle restorations. Excuse the mud, it's from wheeling them across the yard.
  2. 5 Ton Brockhouse Trailer

    If Stuntman can't help then I've got a spare.
  3. RAF Fuel Bowser needs saving (WW2?)

    If anyone needs any bits for these bowsers then please get in touch as I'm scrapping a couple. No pumps unfortunately but I do have a spare original Lister A engine available.
  4. Nice find, here's a few for comparison.
  5. Wanted: Lucas movable spotlight

    Would look very nice sat on top of this 👍
  6. Wanted: Lucas movable spotlight

    Interesting, certainly isn't stamped in the usual Air Ministry style but I suppose it might be a factory stamp 'AM Air Ministry/ WD War Department' perhaps.
  7. Wanted: Lucas movable spotlight

    Hi All, Does anyone have a spare Lucas swivel light avaliable for sale please? Thanks
  8. David Brown Aircraft Tractor - WTB

    Genuine Wartime examples are quite rare and expensive in the U.K. The last one I saw at auction sold for 14K. Postwar although slightly different pop up from time to time. This one built in 1943 and registered in '46 is this Summers project to repaint.
  9. That's great, thanks for the reply I think I'll treat myself to a can. Did you thin it much?
  10. RAF Vehicle Type Numbers in WW2

    Thanks, that's really good of you Richard.
  11. RAF Vehicle Type Numbers in WW2

    Can anyone confirm if the David Brown VIGs are Type. 2601 please? Thanks
  12. Would you mind sharing the paint code please? It does look very good.
  13. Heres another for the collection..

    Some more info for you: http://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/forum/airfield-vehicles/4172-towed-fuel-bowsers?start=10
  14. Heres another for the collection..

    Here you Andrew, I knew I had a picture somewhere. Tim
  15. Flood light trailer

    Hi all, I found this trailer picture on the Internet and would be very grateful if anyone can put me in touch with the owner please. Does anyone recognise it? Thanks