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  1. Jeff Yost

    Fv721 fox

    no. My plan is to remove the 2 radiators and send them to a shop to have them roded. Thanks
  2. Jeff Yost

    Fv721 fox

    Thank you all for the feed back I will try the suggestions.
  3. Jeff Yost

    Fv721 fox

    I will check anti freeze ratio. How do I bleed air?
  4. Jeff Yost

    Fv721 fox

    Located in Michigan, US. Takes about 10 miles of 50 mph and it over heats. as it did for previous owner. Had a mechanic drill a little hole in the thermostat like the original but didn't fix it. Lots of anti freeze.
  5. Jeff Yost

    Fv721 fox

    Why does my fv721 fox overheat at about ten miles?