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  1. Ferret Fluid Flywheel Seal

    Great, thread. thanks! Sorry for silly question but how do you check the level( or top up) of the FFW without removing the engine?
  2. Oh i just realized there is a classifieds section if a mod would like to move this thread there
  3. Does anyone knownofnone for sale?
  4. Want to buy ferret hatch handles/brackets

    Can anyone help me with a possible source of parts?
  5. Ive found a guy called ballistics International 10 minutes away from me. We supplies the aussie army with ballistic armour and runflats etc. We is doing some research for me to dind what is the best fit for the ferret.
  6. I was wondering if any have fitted a bit of tube or even retro fitted little reservoirs to their bevel box or inner wheel hub filler holes?
  7. THanks mate, ive emailed them twice with no response. fingers crossed
  8. Has anyone been able to retain runflat capability on their ferret after replacing the old dunlop trak grips? i really want to retain this feature on my ferret. Options might be: finding a source for thick-walled tires like the trak grips. ridged inserts inside the tires like the bulldog product. external plate bolted to wheel which is close to the diameter of the tire.
  9. Ferret modernization project

    ill look into it! if anyone has links to appropriate motors please send!
  10. ill do a little test and let my tire down and see how it holds up too
  11. Ok thanks for the info guys. I thought the sidewall of the michelin xzl would also be thick enough to support the ferret if the bead was held in place. there is a company that does polymer inserts for most rim sizes which would work as long as its a tubeless tyre. here is a link: http://www.bulldogdirect.com/crf-run-flat-tire-inserts-installation/ has anyone done a tubeless conversion to a split rim like the ferret? I assume it would be possible by using a sealant between the rim halves and sealing the stem hole and fitting a valve to the rim?
  12. My hatches are missing a few parts. Does anyone have the bits for sale by any chance? Both rear hatches are missing handles and sprung connectind rod. Front left is missing handle and sprung rod too. Cheers