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  1. Hi Justin the boards were made for machine gun simulation they are adjustable for rate of fire the engineering is simple there is a guy on you tube showing who its made thanks colin
  2. Hi any body need some circuit boards for making your own gas gun simulator I have 5 for sale £50 each plus postage any questions please ask or phone colin 07762723195
  3. Hi dose any body no of a sim fire circuit board of have any plans drawings to make one any thing would be helpful thanks colin
  4. Hi chris I have made the barrels now had to guess them from photos on the net but I do want to make the heavy barrels next if you have any measurement's that would be great thanks colin will try and put a photo of them there not powder coated yet
  5. Hi can any body help me iam restoring a 50 cal quad mount and iam in the prosess of making the guns I could do with some detailed mesurements for some aircraft barrels length distance between holes or some plans would be good also some mesurements for the heavy gun barrels thanks colin
  6. Hi any body no of any tyres in the uk to fit maxson m20 trailors for my quad mount project size 22x7.25-11.50 struggling to find anything any help would be great thanks colin
  7. Hi everybody new to the fourm i am thinking of buying a quad 50cal can any body tell me what i should be paying for one that wants restoring and what they are worth done i ve seen some in the netherlands for sale but wonderd if there are any more local for sale thanks colin iam sorry if i havent introduced my self properly trying to work it all out
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