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  1. Same thing for me, really hard :banghead:
  2. I've asked the same question on G503. It appears that the canvas is British made, mid 1950's. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards, Benoit.
  3. Hi' Can anyone help me identify this jeep canvas. It's the first time that i see a cross on the window. I'm sure that's not US but according to some people, it could be from a limited UK production for the jeep or French (Indochina period). Many thanks, Benoit
  4. Hi' All My name is Benoit from Liege in Belgium. I'm here to learn some more information about uk troops and vehicules in ww2. And this forum is really amazing! I'm restoring a Jeep bought by my grandfather in 1980. After some research, we've found that is a Willys, dated 15 September 1944 S/N 370819. This jeep went through the french army but they have conserved the original pieces and looking. At this time, the vehicule is fully disassembled, the engine is rebuild and the body is repaired. The next major step is the paint. If you're interested, i've made a blog (in french), with lot of pictures. http://perso.latribu.com/Benleroy/Jeep/Bienvenue.html What more can I say am really enjoying looking around the site !! Kind regards, Benoit
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