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  1. Foxtrott363

    WANTED - Racal MEROD

    I'm searching for a Racal MEROD, better two, in working order. If anyone have this for sale, please contact me via PM. Thanks in advance!
  2. I checked it with and without a battery connected. Same results. The manual says that the load can be connected before starting or while running, with the main switch off, so I tried both, but the resistors and capacitors in the control box started to melt and had to be exchanged. No i don't have a tacho on it. I did the test with low speed setting and higher speed settings. With low speed I had 40v and higher speed around 60v ac. I will connect my Land Rover FFR batteries, maybe a larger load work.
  3. I'm searching for information about the Hopkins Engine Driven Battery Charger 12v/24v. I have two of these generator sets and both with the same fault. The excitor stator produces 10-16v, but has to produce 24-30v AC. I have all handbooks (Illustrated Part Catalogue, fault table, etc...). The stator has the part number RM21KX1 from Lucas. I bought a new RM21, but it didn't produce 24-30v ac, it produced 45-60v ac but with exactly the same part number. Does anyone here, have some experiences with these generator sets, or this exact fault? I've been searching for information since a year but with no results. Best regards from Germany
  4. Foxtrott363

    Hello from Germany

    I will post some pics of my One Ten soon. Here is the website of our British Army History Group, where you can get an insight of our vehicle and equipment pool. http://363-field-squadron.userboard.org/
  5. Hello everyone. I found this forum on google, when I was searching for ex MOD Land Rover information. Since last october I'm the owner of an ex MOD Land Rover 110 from 1987. Keeping it as original as possible, I hope to exchange knowledge about ex MOD vehicles with other owners here. At the moment I'm installing a Clansman PRC 352 vehicle harness in my One Ten. I'm interested in everything that refers to the British Army in Germany/ BAOR and ex Mod equipment. Best Regards from Germany