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  1. I'm trying to complete a SCRA (T) kit for my Land Rover, looking for the TX/RX Unit and CIG for some time. Still got several parts like vehicle and elevated antenna with cables, control keyer with cables, TX/RX mount, many handbooks ..... Just wonder if here is someone who actually has an complete SCRA (T) and could swap me some information. Doesn't seem to be very common. Are there working SCRA's in collector hands? Are there PTDs for the CIG around?
  2. I am looking for SCRA (T) parts and a Ptarmigan SUB SET/ Static Subscriber set. To contact me, please send me am PM. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm searching for a Clansman BID/250 Simulator for a DMU Box. The correct name should be: BID/250/1&11. If you got one for sale, or even a real BID, please contact me via PM.
  4. Hello, does anyone else have problems with audio feedback, when using the AAFL and a standard handset? I think the sidetone of the clansman handset is causing this problems, I don't have these issues with a Bowman Handset. Is there a solution for this anoying feedback?
  5. I'm searching for RB44 brake pads for some mates, who are running out of spares for their RB44's. If anyone have some for sale, please contact me.
  6. The programmer on the right is also used for the Racal/Thales YEOMAN radios, an interim solution between CLANSMAN and BOWMAN. The terminal on the left could be a part of the AWDATS, maybe a dismounted version. It looks quiet similar to the one in the Abbot and AS90.
  7. They should be a 7pin m/m and a Coax each side. Suitable for the 353 and 352.
  8. All 201/202 are standard clansman 2pin power cables male/female The 401s are DCCU 4pin cables 101/102 are a Clansman Coax cable 601 is a clansman 7pin cable m/m 602 is a clansman 7pin cable f/m 1201 is a clansman 12pin harness cable And 104/106 seem to be earth leads. I'm not sure which cable the 601/1 is, because I don't have a DMU (useless without the BID and the BIDs arn't on the market) I don't have the propper documents for this picture but I know the cables you need from my installations.
  9. No, it is just the reference for this document, the reference numbers are different in every clansman manual and are not combined with an NSN. For example in the REBRO Manual are the 7pin cables 601 to 608 but only 601 to 604 have the same NSN. But the only 401 cable I can mention ist the 4 pin DCCU cable.
  10. I'm searching for a Hatz/ Harrington Light Field Generator in running order. If someone has one for sale, please contact me. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm searching for a Racal MEROD, better two, in working order. If anyone have this for sale, please contact me via PM. Thanks in advance!
  12. I checked it with and without a battery connected. Same results. The manual says that the load can be connected before starting or while running, with the main switch off, so I tried both, but the resistors and capacitors in the control box started to melt and had to be exchanged. No i don't have a tacho on it. I did the test with low speed setting and higher speed settings. With low speed I had 40v and higher speed around 60v ac. I will connect my Land Rover FFR batteries, maybe a larger load work.
  13. I'm searching for information about the Hopkins Engine Driven Battery Charger 12v/24v. I have two of these generator sets and both with the same fault. The excitor stator produces 10-16v, but has to produce 24-30v AC. I have all handbooks (Illustrated Part Catalogue, fault table, etc...). The stator has the part number RM21KX1 from Lucas. I bought a new RM21, but it didn't produce 24-30v ac, it produced 45-60v ac but with exactly the same part number. Does anyone here, have some experiences with these generator sets, or this exact fault? I've been searching for information since a year but with no results. Best regards from Germany
  14. I will post some pics of my One Ten soon. Here is the website of our British Army History Group, where you can get an insight of our vehicle and equipment pool. http://363-field-squadron.userboard.org/
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