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  1. It's looking really good Paul, thanks for sharing the photos. I have to say its been a really hard week at work and this is the light relief I was looking for. I'm trying my best to restore an old land rover in my spare time, but am always in awe of those who manage to do it all on a much bigger scale. It must add an extra challenge moving the pieces around when they weigh several times as much! Whats the next step? More electrics? The cab? Don't leave us in suspense.. Keep up the good work, Andy
  2. Glad to hear you are still on the case. I know what its like to have a break of a few months..hard to get going again! Please do treat us to some photos when you get the time. Maybe next year I'll see your truck at one of the shows
  3. Are you still going Paul? This restoration really caught my imagination - would like to think you are still tinkering.. All the best, Andy
  4. Glad you managed to get the folding boat book - sorry for the belated post I missed your update about it the first time around. Do you have a target date in mind? Would you be taking the BY5 to any of the military shows? This would look great at War and Peace with the boats semi unloaded and the truck stocked with ropes and other engineering kit. Keep up the good work! All the best, Andy
  5. Hello - just a quick note - i've been reading and very much enjoying your thread - I like seeing unusual trucks that capture the imagination. On the subject of the folding boats - there was a manual for the Mk3 folding boat on ebay last month - if you do a google search for it you should find it. The item was re-listed a few times before the vendor gave up - if you drop them a note maybe they'll still have it. It was variously either 10 or 15 quid plus postage. Sorry if you saw this already, just thought it might help. (i've no connection to the seller) All the best, Andy
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