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    Well it seems to be sound, and it runs OK. Its a bit tatty, but none of my machinery is pristine. I will take a few photos as soon as I have put the wheels back on (the tyres are old and need replacing) That brings me to a question, the back wheel rim seems to be chromed but the front painted silver. Looking at original picture I cannot decide if the rims were originally painted or finished in chrome. Does anyone have any ideas on this. If it needs to be chrome I might as well get a new rim and spokes. If not I'll brush the patches of rust off the spokes and apply paint. Thanks Sloth
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    Well there's been about 1 per month turning up on ebay, and I've just won this month's example for my first "vintage" bike.
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    I passed my motorclycle test this summer with a view to buying an old bike. For some reason I quite fancy starting my collection with a Triumph TRW. I suppose I just think they look good, and are simple, robust side-valvers. Ive always enjoyed side valve cars that is.... Also a bit more stylish than an M20 However I've never ridden one, so please can anyone tell me if I'm likely to enjoy one. Additional information is that being a sloth I'm not into speed and I've quite short hind legs, so a high saddle position is not required. Also on the shortlist is anything by Moto-guzzi or Douglas. I like the unorthodox you see. :tup:: en avance
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