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  1. This may well be of some interest to members... http://www.peacockauction.co.uk/auction/ex-military-radio-and-other-equipment-land-rover-trailers-generators-land-rover-other-vehicle-spares-alvis-afv-439-armoured-personnel-carrier;
  2. You are possibly right... Unfortunately it is all done under duress and stress! People can still bid though and pitch their bids accordingly to take charges into account.
  3. Ha Ha Ha you are so right!! I must start taking the tablets again!!!
  4. Thanks for accepting my registration! Should have joined this forum/group years ago! better late than never :-) Interests are: Military Vehicles, Military and Amateur radio and all that goes with these kind of hobbies! Currently own two ex military Defenders (one is FFR LHD and the other ex TA RHD) both fitted with various working Clansman equipment, one GS Lightweight in need of restoration plus one FFR Lightweight in the process of a ground up Build (Not REbuild!). PLUS !!! One AFV 439 which is about to be sold at auction !!! Details here: https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/peacock-auctioneers/catalogue-id-whpav10388/lot-cca6139f-c412-4240-9018-a7b300d53590 I need to downsize !!! Thanks again for a very interesting and useful forum! Bill K.
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