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  1. A combination of a bargain, and recovering costs by selling other parts in the deal. I should break even, meaning the engine was free. Or so i keep telling myself. Ducati prices do seem very silly (considering its not a pukka producation racer), luckily my fathers doing all the engineering or i simply couldn't afford to even get the bike going. You can pay thousands just to have a engine put together blueprinted. Parts are bad enough though. Would you say £350/400 would be a good price with room for negotiation? I've had an email asking for a price. The forks are indeed marzocchi's, the brakes look to be grimeca's too? It's also got alloy levers which seems strange for a army bike. From what i understand they were built in Italy so I'm quite sure the toolboxes, swinging arm, headlight are all standard ducati parts.
  2. I know they built 3000, Im guessing with them being military most have survived then? Do you recon anyone would want it for a couple of hundred as it is now? Or just stick parts on ebay and throw away what doesnt sell? Andrea, The bike was on ebay, theres currently one abroad on ebay now with shipping to the UK for £1500 and one in a current classic bike mag for £1750. Theres a picture of my 250 here, http://www.sport-pics.co.uk/2008_Season/bhr/8cadsun/8vcu8662.htm http://www.sport-pics.co.uk/2008_Season/bhr/8cadsat/8vca5684.htm I managed 7th overall (upto 500cc class), 4th 250cc so hopefully next year should go quite well :idea:
  3. I've never thought of it like that but I'm pretty sure your right! I know they're more reliable under race conditions rather than a road bike though (lubrication problems at low rpm) Heres a picture of the condor.
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    Hi All, Sorry this isnt best first post to put on here but i thought it might be of intrest to someone. Ive just purchased a Condor A350, Ex-Swiss army, I've bought it for the engine as I'm into classic racing. Since ive got it home and looked at it im feeling rather guilty that I was going to break it up. Although I have to stick to my plan as i NEED the engine, but Im wondering if its worth selling it as a complete bike needing resto or do i just sell it in parts. I was thinking a BSA (ie:B40) engine would probably look good in it. The bike i believe is complete (minus engine), I opened the toolboxes to find the complete tool kit, spare plug with protective cap on, fuse wire, spare bulbs and ID tagged keys, spare chain link etc. Would anyone be intrested? Or if someone is needing some detailed pictures for info on a project im more than happy to take some snaps.
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