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  1. Quetzal


    New straight stack which is supplied by Dingbro a comercial parts supply in Scotland and we have powder coated this and the guard, also at the same time the mirror arms . Tim
  2. Quetzal


    Inside of our Quetzal Workshop in South West Scotland we are really busy getting this lad ready for the summer... We have had to replace the exhaust to where it connects to the muffler and we have fitted a hard top and created roof console for the CB radio Stereo ect loos very truck like. As soon as the front crank seal comes we get the front built up again, this is the 3rd time its been apart for other seals and belts. CQ
  3. Thanks Squirell.... Today we are changing the Hydrovac and Brake master cylinder... Tim DSCN0439.MOV
  4. Quetzal

    1967 International F230d

    I really like this truck.
  5. Hello HMVF membersuxillary and All interested We acquired this 5 Ton truck earlier on last year and the first upgrade was to fit the 395/85R20 Michelin XZL's plus the split rims which means we are running on 6 wheels and tires rather than 10 and as we use this truck for all manner of Social Domestic and Pleasure puusuits we want to run it right and these radials are the doggies doo doo's ... Since this picture we have made manny service updates and also have painted the front end and those pics are to come so keep it here to see whats going on ... I am really keen to here from anyone else that has a 5 ton despicably in Scotland where we are based. Their is no doubt to the pleasure that can be had keeping on top of these old vehicles and i have learned a ton ... recently changing the auxiliary pulley shaft seal and now the main front crank seal have put my heart high into my chest as you take on every new challenge that engineering brings, seeing people re-sleeve and prepare the pulley at our local machine shop means i am gaining confidence. Next is to change the Airpack and brake master cylinder to cure niggley faults where the brakes stick on at times.. Looking forward to hearing from you and inviting you to see the vehicle at its home in Palnackie Scotland. Captain Quetzal
  6. Hello All I bought an M813 last year and live up in Scotland and would be keen to connect with anyone who has owned or has one of these trucks, The last few months i have been tackling the few issues that have surfaced and at last i see light at the end of the tunnel., the truck is wonderful and i am so happy with taking on this vehicle, this summer i hope to get out to some shows and move some of my own kit around on the low loader trailer that i am still to collect from a vendor in England. It would make me very happy to share the enjoyment of these vehicles with others that understand them . Chat soon .... Rgs Tim Dennis
  7. The tyres are mounted on the Bedford TM rims and come complete as £200 we can ship on a pallet 4 wheels at not too much extra cost with a company like Pallet Force or you can come and collect yourself. Quetzal
  8. Hello To You We have a good selection of Bedford TM split rim Wheels running the super single Michelin 395 85 R20 Tire These are very good condition with lots of tread around 90% we have these on 11x TM trucks which we are breaking, we also have TM engines and other parts not in such good condition as much of the cabs have rotted. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements, i can also supply new and excellent 95% tires too. Rgs Cpt Quetzal
  9. Hello HMVF Looking for a King DT99 low loader or other similar vehicle transporter drawbar I have purchased an M813 American rigid 6x6 truck with the NHC250 Cummins, the vehicle is going to move various pieces of equipment so i am looking at a British military DT99 trailer made by KIng, the trailer is the civilian DB18 a really lovely little trailer but expensive, if anyone has a trailer alternative that i can tow i would look into this. Thank you Tim Dennis
  10. Hello All Having recently purchased an M813 6x6 truck and driving 400 miles so far i would like to put out a request for wheels and tyres, My requirement is for 7x 395/85R20 or 15.5/80R20 with wheels to fit the Rockwell axles, i see Marltrax does these and cannot find anyone else in the UK and awaiting some quotes coming in form the US and Canada, i would appreciate any help in finding these please. I am also open to other wheel and tires like 10x 12.00 R20 but no larger than stated as we tow a heavy trailer. please advise Tim
  11. Hello All Thank you for your help, i am now the owner of an M813 excellent and have put 400 miles onto it already, working on getting the trailer next. Tim
  12. Hello Tony What is a Stolly? The winters have not been so bad the last 4 years but sometimes can be bad. We have been looking at a tractor unit too as that would be handy pulling a two axle low loader Tim
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