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  1. HI Folks, bringing this thread back to ask advice on my FFR mounts- Id like some whips to suit but cant find anything with the M12 thread that matches mine. Can anyone offer any advice please? Id like really to use them for CB. Thank you very much.
  2. Ah thats interesting. Mine has wing top vents (one open, one closed) - I wonder if this is a sign of 'winterisation'? The photo above shows the 2 piece door vehicle without top vents and the single piece door vehicle with a snorkel. What you say makes sense. Im waiting on admin to let me into the emlra
  3. The plate doesnt have a contract number on it. I would say from the internal paint that the whole vehicle is original. I dont think the FFR ever came in anything but hard top. Interestingly this photo shows 2 110s one with a solid door and one with a 2 piece:
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. When I say 'French style' I meant as in the images of what appear to be French military land rovers using the single piece door. I am aware it's a defender type door. The door is painted inside the same as the rest suggesting it is contemporary with the vehicle.
  5. OK I think I sussed it - looks like its called NATO 3 tone or sometimes referred to as CARC: Source: http://prepare-and-protect.net/2015/01/vehicle-camouflage/ But why its on a British vehicle and why it has french style doors but a right hand drive will be interesting to establish!
  6. Hi. Thank you for that interesting answer. You are right, it could be French paint but look also what I found on Google, although this example is left hand drive:
  7. I bought this last week. 1989 90 FFR. This was bought from the MOD by the defence contractor Thales as a radio testing platform. They never painted it (I have spoken to them). Anyone identify the pattern? Looks almost like the Maltese or Australian army colours. I have requested a report on the truck which will tell me where it served, hopefully that will shine a light on it. Theres alot of bits inside I dont understand so Ill be interested if theres any other FFR owners here. Thanks Simon
  8. Morning chaps! Simon here from Newbury, Berkshire. Thanks for letting me in. I run a club/ forum for owners of the ex military Armstrong MT500 and Harley MT350e. I've joined because I just bought a 1989 Defender FFR which I look forward to asking daft questions about.... Cheers Simon
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