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  1. matador restoration.

    I bet you look like you have been down a mine all day. What do you use to scrape off all the dirt ? The Governor.
  2. another Diamond T 980 restoration

    Sam, that main chassis looks like it's been welded. Has it ? The Governor.
  3. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    After 9 years of ownership, I have managed to get the lorry under cover away from the worst of the weather. The good thing about dutch barns is the vehicles have air around them to dry them off when they become condensated. Now I know it fit's, I have peace of mind knowing it has a home when it is eventually finished. The Governor.
  4. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    The Autumn is nearly upon us, so the window of opportunity to work on the Scammell when the weather and temperature is perfect to paint is fast running out.This means the lorry would be better parked under it's dutch barn, than left out in all weathers to deteriorate back to where I started. So a big effort to put all the air brake system back was made. It will be another day to start up the engine and test for leaks, but more important will be to move it under the cover. This does not mean that work will stop till next year, as I have thew two doors to repair which can be done in the workshop with a lovely wood burner to keep me warm. The Governor.
  5. A Dodge called Michigan

    That is looking very nice. I like your attention to detail. The Governor.
  6. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    It's not until I saw these photo's that I realized that working in the dark, or working underneath the lorry, that I should have taken a strong light with me to light up the area that I am working on to see that the paint has covered all area's. So guess what I am doing again tomorrow ? The frames that the air receivers are mounted on, had signs of rusting, so I have put a film of mastic, which is used in roofing situations. This I have allowed to set, before mounting the receivers on. Hope fully the two area's will not touch, or rub, and the paint will last a little longer. The Governor.
  7. Sorry to the moderators if this is in the wrong section. I am after the side plate that fits on the near side of the winch. If you have a spare you do not want can I purchase it from you. Thanks. I am going to the Dorset steam fair next week, so perhaps we can arrange to swap some of the folding stuff and items. Please send me a PM and we will discuss the arrangements. Kind regards, The Governor.
  8. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    Just in case you thought I was wasting time, going on holiday, you don't know me very well. I have managed to clean up the frame and get some paint on it, tomorrow is not looking very good to start off with, but maybe in the afternoon I can get the first of the final coat's applied. Oh, and two little soldiers who are going on staff training, to keep guard on Daddies little lorry when it is finished. The Governor.
  9. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    The longer of the two supports for the air tanks had cracked at the sharp bends, so I decided to remove all four for inspection. I found only one support to need a repair, which I duly did, and then made a start on painting, them ready for re assembly. When the weather finally improves for more that 1/2 an hour I shall start to clean up the lorry, but until then it is all inside work at present. The Governor.
  10. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    I stand corrected, thank you. The Governor.
  11. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    Just an update on progress. It is surprising how long it takes to paint a few pipes, but all the air tanks are finished and so are the clips. So a good weeks work done when the rain has been a problem this week to work outside. The Governor.
  12. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    Bluebelle, I must admit I did not notice there was even sky in the picture, Is it a male thing ? :red: Okay, I have found the diagram taken from above, to prove my point, hope this explains the need for the extended chests. The Governor.
  13. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    The extension "chest's" were part of the lorries storage compartments. This lorry carried all it's equipment needed for recovery. The inventory is very long, but covers, tracks for putting around the rear wheels, snatch blocks, chains , and many more pieces of equipment,that even I do not know of. There is a picture taken from above which shows the area around the crane for the men to walk , and operate the crane which means that additional space was needed for the equipment, so extensions were placed either side of the spare wheel. The Governor.
  14. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    Doug, 10 little reasons not to get out this year, have presented me with "confined to Barracks. Kind regards, The Governor.
  15. Scammell Explorer 1955.

    Max, As always, it is a pleasure to have joined this forum for the commardary amoungst the members on here. I have had people send parts to replace missing parts and refused to take anything for them, and I have now had two people identify this lorry and provided history, that only comes if you are in the right place at the right time. My email address is -: ruth521@btinternet.com I will be pleased to receive anything that will help me restore this old friend back to his serving days. Kind regards, The Governor.