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  1. Hi again, i have an original flea primary inner chain case and it’s measuring 0.5mm thickness just wondering if you guys have had any made? If so how thick could I go as I know the chain runs next to it? cheers sam
  2. Thank you Ron, I am considering magic metal if I can’t make one, and I’m looking for the red lense too I’ll PM you in a sec cheers sam
  3. Thank you, i was going to get another headlamp rim and weld it on. and I have The tyre pressure decals and the tank numbers/ oil&petrol decal all done but not sure what para insignia I should use... cheers Sam
  4. Hi guys, heres how far my project has come along, I’m attempting to make my own blackout mask hence the template one on the flea (until I find an original/ good repro) and the engine has been sent off to be rebuilt and tank is being re lined inside. sam
  5. Hi guys, just found this photo of what I think is a wartime flea haven’t seen this photo before ( I’ve tried to zoom it in best I can. sam
  6. Just found a re125 rear tyre on eBay if anyone is in need of one! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263424652320 sam
  7. Hi guys, has anyone got a photo of their inner chain casing I’ve made a template but I’m not sure if there’s a washer/flange braized to the plate? Any help is appreciated. also I seem to missing the clutch sprocket and the front clutch plate if anyone has one to spare could they let me know please cheers Sam
  8. Evening, thank you very much Dave sam
  9. Oh dear .... my bad, sorry mate... the account names confuse me haha Sam
  10. Also I did have wartime originals but they would’ve been dangerous to ride on as they were hard as rock unfortunately.(taken before restoration) sam
  11. Evening, I fitted these Cheng shin from fleaBay but they came within 2 days on standard delivery. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142515972783 S
  12. Thank you for all this information lex its all helping a lot. I also got the tyres fitted today.... just 1 step closer to completion.... Cheers Sam
  13. Hi Dave, Any luck on postage prices etc? my email is samsungsam1944@gmail.com cheers sam
  14. And thank you lex and Ron for all the info it’s very detailed cheers Sam
  15. Yes please, and it’s okay I’ll see if I can make one aswell. How much are you looking at for the set and other bits? Also thank you for the link Ron it’s much appreciated cheers sam
  16. Hi Dave, if you can’t find the throttle plug it’s okay, I’m still happy to buy the other parts also do you have any rubber bump stops and all the other bands as all of my rubber bits have perished? Cheers sam
  17. Thank you and It’s okay Also did you manage to find the throttle plug at all? Cheers sam
  18. Haha okay, thank you Dave did you manage to find the rubber suspension band at all? Cheers sam
  19. evening Dave, thank you for looking for me and yes I’d be intrested in the canvas grips and throttle plug too please 😁 Many thanks sam
  20. Morning all, Davey yes I’d be intrested in buying the spare throttle stop if you have one please. and lex my email is Samsungsam1944@gmail.com cheers Sam
  21. Also lex, as I’m in Essex and might not be able to make it to Malvern military show this time round, would it be possible to buy a riders handbook if you would sell one? Cheers Sam
  22. I will try that it sounds like a good idea! Thank you Ron Hi Davey089 , i would be intrested in purchasing your throttle stop please, and I’ll see if Stuart bray has that part in stock. And thank you lex for sending me them links they will be for my own use not to worry, also yes I’d be intrested in buying the cable adjusters spring clips please. many thanks Sam
  23. Hi Ron, I haven’t got a twist grip yet no, and I have got an air filter but I’m not sure it’s correct but it should do for now until I find one I also have the choke assembly (before re-spray). sam
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