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  1. Reading your very first message my initial thought is that you have lost the distributor timing, as Iain suggests. By all means spin it and check an HT lead to block for spark, if there isn't any check your rotor arm is turning.
  2. In which can the 'dilute' plate ma be Weasel too. 😀 The shift pattern on the last plate isn't something I've seen before though
  3. The Caterpillar Grader type is "Auto Patrol" which is where that term crept in. The MH trucks are definitely the star images.
  4. I'd suggest you post it all here. Period background information is always good, and if you don't post them they may be lost to history. It would be good to get the full unit name and title in the post heading too, so it could be found by anyone searching years from now. It is eighty years since that image was taken, and in another eighty ( scarey thought ) someone may have a specific use for it.
  5. I'm sure I recognise the 2100RPM plate from a Diamond T, 4 ton 6 x 6
  6. Looking back at it, would you have opened up those small holes in the tank before adding the patches to ensure the seam sealer could get to all the inside faces of the welds?
  7. That Torra Pass one is a gem. If I have it correct: American Vehicle English Equipment Italian Pill. ( shot ?)
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-X-Tool-Boxs-from-a-WW2-RAF-Air-Ministry-Army-Generator-Trailer-Petter-PU8/233622367649?hash=item3664fa6da1:g:4IIAAOSwKsRej14r Tool boxes from a similar generator trailer with a Petter engine, may be of some use
  9. Got a full set of DUKW stencils in the garage from 14962, and a Parts List and so on. Don't think I have many mechanical bits though. Good luck with it.
  10. As long as it works Jim. If you get the chance of a spare manifold, grab it and keep it one the shelf.
  11. Balmoral is just a couple of miles from me here in Aberdeen, I look at a load of fibreglass stuff there. Went to the tank / vessel place in England once but don't remember exactly where it was. Anyway - want to bet that he'll find numerous other long bits he needs to strip, now that he has sold the tank? 😉
  12. It would depend on how much conversion it had been subject to. I saw one in Scotland once that had a plated hull, gutted interior, Perkins diesel, no deck or coaming. Basically it was a chassis and marine drive plus three very tired axles. All the bits that you would need to rebuild that are no longer available. I'd suggest getting a very tired but intact example instead.
  13. Gordon_M


    If you watch Deve Engels version of the video there were some lamps that looked like the Peerless ones, but I suppose there were dozens of manufacturers that look much the same.
  14. Lamps again Turns out Dave Engel's brother in law runs a carriage lamp business, including spinning his own components: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY5kwTU5Z0A
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