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  1. Gordon_M

    Cckw closed cab windscreen help

    Worth remembering the open and closed cab parts are different. ( open cab slides are longer, for example )
  2. Gordon_M


    Fawley, then? Apologies for off-topic drift.
  3. Gordon_M


    It's refinery practice. I'd guess Esso doesn't actually own the refineries supplying those areas ( or any areas...) but just sub-contracts the production. Scotland would be supplied by ( Ineos? ) at Grangemouth, Teesside by Billingham, and Devon & Cornwall by someone down there. The refinery owners have decided that their majority customers will put up with Ethanol so it is in there. EDIT - later - Billingham / Teesside is now just storage and distribution, so I'd guess it was distributing fuel refined by Grangemouth and moved by pipeline. Questions for the house then, what refinery supplies Devon & Cornwall area, who owns it?
  4. Gordon_M

    1942 dodge wc51

    Solid looking truck with all the right bits. Rear lights are always a compromise though.
  5. Is it just me or did that look entirely predictable?
  6. Gordon_M

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I don't like the look of the existing sump repair at all. It would have to come off to allow the inside to be inspected, not least because the strength of the material round the drain plug may be compromised. Best solution would be to grind out the lump and re-weld, followed by a coat or two of tank sealer internally.
  7. Gordon_M

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Well that is good progress, even if it is not yet there. Looks good even with just the cab hood. Fuel tank leak seems odd, with sealant and so on. It isn't fixed rigidly to the scuttle and subject to any twisting when the scuttle flexes, is it?
  8. Gordon_M

    Mosquito Refuelling

    I'm sure you would, Shell were there well before that
  9. Gordon_M

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Not really. In the forum shot above we have a right front 3/4 shot of TK 620, in the Google image we have a right rear 3/4 shot which should be pretty much 90 degrees round from there. No way the other plane would be in that shot unless it was a five yards from TK 620.
  10. Gordon_M

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Far to the right, well outside the angle of that shot.
  11. Gordon_M

    Mosquito Refuelling

    Contest away. Parallax has put two of the antennae stubs on the same plane - notice how one looks a little thicker? ... and the tanker was moved to fuel up the second plane as the chap with the camera was walking round the back
  12. Gordon_M

    Mosquito Refuelling

    He's right, you know. It even shows the wing antennae stubs to be on another Mossie parked next to it.
  13. Gordon_M

    What goes here ?

    I would think that would be pretty much exactly as it came, with just a pump, filter, meter, and output. Hoses and so on in the side lockers.
  14. Gordon_M

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Indeed, though the term "over restored" springs to mind. It may be a tough decision to do it right, for a given value of "right" but it isn't actually that difficult to perform once the decision is taken. I recall a nicely restored WC 42 panel van finished in desert stone / black and portraying the run up Italy, where a green rectangle was left on the left rear door to show an insignia, faithfully reproducing the original paintwork where the whole panel van had been green, and then the whole body overpainted stone and black, except for the rectangle with the insignia.
  15. Gordon_M

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Not really Wally and it does look good. I suppose the point would remain that even if it were to be sprayed it is unlikely they would have masked it off to get sharp edges - not if they had another five hundred trucks to paint. If I had to go positive, does anyone have any contemporary images of that paint scheme, so we can assess how sharp ( or approximate ) the edges were? I've not seen very many original images.