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  1. Gordon_M

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    Not really Wally and it does look good. I suppose the point would remain that even if it were to be sprayed it is unlikely they would have masked it off to get sharp edges - not if they had another five hundred trucks to paint. If I had to go positive, does anyone have any contemporary images of that paint scheme, so we can assess how sharp ( or approximate ) the edges were? I've not seen very many original images.
  2. Gordon_M

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    It looks too nice. Wouldn't the original process be to paint the whole truck in stone, and then hand paint the contrast colours over the top by brush? The neat edges and corners, and almost perfectly straight lines, would surely look strange to someone who painted that scheme originally, by hand.
  3. Gordon_M

    WC51 Brake issue

    Change all the hoses -if one has gone, the others are on the way.
  4. Slide hammer, bearing and seal pullers - surely part of the original equipment.
  5. Gordon_M

    Dodge D15T

    Those cabs were always available as kits Pete, since the start of Mound Road production for the 39 series. You could get a chassis with cowl, windscreen cowl, or cab as I remember, but they would primarily be intended for coach builders to build them up, rather than as a kit for assembly of a cab overseas. I'd guess the cab rear, floor, and windscreen pillar joints were engineered for this series of trucks.
  6. Gordon_M

    Dodge D15T

    Interesting cab construction, if a lot of work to pull down and put back after all these years. The US version of the cab is one welded assembly, which means it maintains a lot of structural strength and you can hack out and replace bits with wondering if it will still fit. I learned long ago never to try and remove the hinge pins while the doors are still on the truck. Far better to remove the door by unbolting both hinges, then tackle the hinge pins on a bench if you really have to.
  7. Gordon_M

    Dodge Cutting Out

    Those firewall mounted fuel filters are great, but they are pushing eighty years old. Before you pull it off and bench-strip it, buy another unit, or two. It's really common to break something when stripping them.
  8. Gordon_M

    Dodge Cutting Out

    The on / off and hitting a wall are absolutely typical of an obstructed, or partially obstructed, fuel line, hose, filter, or tank pickup. People fit NOS hoses, in particular, and ethanol goes right through them leading to internal collapse and dissolved hose being washed downstream and causing further havoc there.
  9. Gordon_M

    land rover 101 ambulance found in Australia

    I used surplussed tyres from 101's on my WW2 WC Dodges, the 5 degree angle on the bead did not seem to make a difference. It must be possible to swap them the other way, but I recognise tyres for Dodges may be scarce where you are too. The tread pattern was the ordinary bar grip, not anything modern or complicated.
  10. Gordon_M

    Dodge Cutting Out

    Fuel hose or in-tank pickup could be a factor. Even if the hoses were 'new' ethanol may've delaminated them.
  11. Gordon_M

    Unusual cab?

    Nothing like a C60 from this angle. There were a whole bunch of Dodge, Chev, Ford, and other trucks supplied as "chassis and windscreen cowl" for local assembly and bodywork in far-flung places, and the closer one looks something like that. Note that they are not identical. The one closest to the camera started as "chassis and windscreen cowl" whereas the far one was just "chassis / cowl" and the screen has been made locally. Obviously both were processed the same given the side wood, but they started differently. I don't recognise the firewall so probably not Dodge, could well be Canadian Chev or Ford, but not a CMP variant like the C60, could be British too, of course. Anyone recognise the firewall style?
  12. Gordon_M

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Hah, if you had mentioned that first we would have known, and you can forget the Detroit. Mack M123 with a LeRoi motor: M123 LeRoi on You Tube. Thirty years ago I was parked by the side of the A13 Autostrada at Rovigo, just south of Venice, when I heard the loudest howling sound in the distance, every bit as distinctive as a Merlin. After about seven minutes one of these drove past, presumably from the US Air Base at Aviano. It was travelling about 40MPH, must have been near maximum, so it must have been nearly four miles away when I first heard it. Once heard, never forgotten.
  13. Gordon_M


    Keep it safe somewhere John, you never know ...
  14. Gordon_M

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Well that's bad luck and good luck, isn't it? Bad luck it didn't work first time, and good luck that nothing got ruined. I'm not seeing anything on there that won't respond to a re-size, clean, and polish, but maybe some of this rings might not be safe to re-use?
  15. Gordon_M

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I think Richard has it. Everything else could have been overcome, but that locking up is just too risky.