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  1. Thank you. I had found the top four but missed the last one, which looks promising. Anything you can find out I'd be much obliged. Gordon
  2. I've recently been made aware of a relative, William McCracken, described as a Sapper, who died sometime between mid 1916 and the end of WW1. He was likely to have been serving in a Scottish regiment as he came from the Glasgow area. How / where can I find out more without signing up to expensive sites please?
  3. Technically I believe this started as a pre-WW2 Warner electric brake coupler socket, but it was universally used on US vehicles as a standard trailer socket from WW2 though to Korea
  4. I'll have a stab at that, at least as it was explained to me. The front axle and front suspension on a Major are all bolted together, and run back to a pivot point on the cast iron sump. If you are bowling along in the woods one day, and hit something really hard with one front wheel, then the front suspension breaks and takes the sump with it, so you go from running machine to scrap in a couple of seconds. Repair consist of a new sump and front suspension parts, and if the disaster happened far from home, and the tractor was tired anyway, you just walk ( limp?) away.
  5. You should have had a reply direct from Hanno at MLU Mike, let me know if you didn't get it. ( I did e-mail you direct but your e-mail bounced me ) Gordon
  6. Welcome. I'd be looking here, on G503, and on Maple Leaf Up http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/
  7. Haven't played that since the last time I walked through Westminster. 8-) Disk and spoked wheel variants?
  8. Don't think we didn't notice the extra set of axles - what's the story with them? 🤔
  9. I'd guess the priority job would be to finish paint at least the back of the cab and the front face of the body - unless you have already managed that? There's no way it would make sense to refit the spare wheel gear without those faces being painted first.
  10. If Team Gosling ever "allow the grass to grow under their feet" it'll be because they have just discovered the remains of an early steam-powered lawnmower...
  11. International Metropolitan van: ... and a late 1930's Dodge with a Montpelier body The truck could have been bought in the US with charity funds and forwarded to the Red Cross effort
  12. That Clubmobile looks like a standard American truck with a body and cab by Montpelier or Metropolitan, which did such COE conversions through the 30's into the early '40's when manufacturers own COE cabs appeared.
  13. If the cooling system is run unpressurised, depending on the elevation of the pump, heavy duty grease from that fitting may provide a sufficient seal for a days use.
  14. Having browsed back over the Thorny and peerless threads, it looks like you have had the Thorny stuff since around 1988 and the Peerless stuff since around 1992. Given that you started with so much more Peerless stuff, and it appears to be in much better condition generally, why did you decide to do the huge pile of work to push the Thorny through to completion, over progressing with the ( NOT using the word easier here ) Peerless?
  15. It's not a wartime production cab, no, and probably not from a GMC factory, but it looks like it was made for that specific job. Somewhere in the US a small factory would have turned out modest quantities of these cabs, probably as quick assembly kits, just because there were so many open cab trucks that really wanted a roof. May be military, or may not. This is a military arctic cab for the GMC open cab: https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=213119 ... virtually identical except they kept the rounded lower door shape.
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