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  1. Chris we own a EPV, do you recall the registration as only 12 made, ours is currently the only one in private hands as the rest were sold abroad to foreign governments when demobbed, any photos of your time with them? Also messaged you regarding another topic.
  2. I'd be interested to know what they went for, to assist in valuing the Ex 22 SAS range rover we have.
  3. We had a totally original/unmolested ex military Morris traveler which was ex bomb disposal, Royal Corps of Transport, Royal Logistics Corp and 1 other that I cant recall, on ours the wings were not painted red and had never been painted red. I'll see if I can dig out the registation/pics
  4. Hi, planing on registering the OYD for Market Garden 2019: https://omg2019.nl/en/. Having never participated in a overseas event. I was wondering if there are any groups/convoys heading over from the UK that we could join/tag along with. Does anyone know if there are there any plans to travel to Arnhem? As I cant see anything mentioned on the organizers site. It seems a shame to make the trip without visiting Arnhem. We’re based in Cambridgeshire it seems ferry from Dover to Calais/Dunkirk main / best bet. Any advice is welcome. Thanks. Tyler
  5. Hi, not returned it to its original color yet, saving the pennies up. Although I have sourced the missing roll cage (yet to fit it) and I've had a dog cage made up using a genuine example to copy. Re spare wheel that would be good. no real pic's of the work as it was mainly hidden bits: freshening up the tired suspension, steering and brakes. New swivels, brake discs & calipers, wheel bearings, CV, anti roll bar links/bushes etc, HT leads, full service/fluid/filter changes, door window runners. She's been faultless bar the washer fluid level sensor(common fault). I think I still have your number I'll text you and bring her over.
  6. Merlin and release both list the user:
  7. Are you referring to FOI (Freedom Of Information request)? If so I have the Merlin Report.
  8. Hi, how many are booked on for this so far? Thanks
  9. 84KK45 was it's military VRN: Full designation: Car Utility Special Forces 4X4 Auto 3.9 Ltr V8 Petrol Range Rover Vogue E123696 is randomly written on the release paperwork just above the disposal authority. Any ideas? It's in-service date was 1992-2000, 22 SAS is listed as the sole user on the MOD supplied history This one was apparently a covert vehicle so wouldn't have had the bonnet,bumper and roof assault platforms fitted. But still had the standard mods as follows: Roll cage, map light, split charge electrics for battery's, two tone horns, flashing headlights, infrared headlights, specific custom dog guard, diff and steering guards, stiffened suspension,. All the mods bar the suspension have been removed by MOD and previous owners. So far managed to source the correct tyres that were fitted to these, the two tones, IR light switch/panel, diff guard and a cage for it just got to collect and refit it. It is also due to receive a respray back to it's original colour Others that were not covert had the assault platforms on bonnet, roof etc. Rumored mods were run flats, tuned engines, armour plate, weapons holders, reinforced chassis, Any ideas of what radio system would have been fitted? Any details on the split charge system and head light flasher's and IR lights would be appreciated.
  10. UPDATE: Although some SAS Range Rover's had a MOD VRN listed on their data plate's, they didn't use them, they were actually assigned government/civi number plates that if ran by police would come up with do not approach/pull. The vehicle came with a 1992 Owner's manual which has 9733LCL written on the front page. I used the online DVLA reg check but doesn't bring anything up. Does anyone know if this tally's with any VRN sequence's? Thanks
  11. Tony do you recall the VRN? Any picture would be great. Mine lists 22 SAS as the sole user on the MOD supplied history.
  12. Hi I have recently purchased a ex SAS Range Rover.Does anyone have any photos or more details of this type of vehicle of others that exist?Feel free to contact me via my email if its easier: bingetyler@gmail.comRegardsTyler Binge
  13. tyler

    Rumour at Duxford

    Seems odd that they don't reinstate the old hanger that was blown up in the BoB film as that space is not really used, and would fit in with the plan to focus on that part of the site being a wartime area. Plus from my limited understanding as there was previously a building there then planning permission would be less of a challenge.
  14. Managed to carefully strip the paint back on the contract plate to reveal the original finish and the number. The dash plate contract number matches the cargo body. Anyone have details on the contract number or where I could find details? Contract Number: 23.S.9422 Thanks
  15. For Sale Shorland Mk3 77FL08 Truck Armoured Patrol 1TON 4X4 MK3 1972 Ex Northern Ireland. 2 UDR most of its life 2.6ltr straight 6 Demobbed in 1987, Purchased in 2005 as a project, done some work but moving it on as too many projects. Chassis requires a replacement rear cross member, bulkhead is sound bar the lower edge of the passengers foot well (see photos), comes with new replacement new cross member and footwell Comes with multiple new items such as 4x new 900x16 tyres, NOS Periscope/sight etc Comes with 2 sets of smoke dischargers, 30.cal turret mount Heritage certificate B Card history Manuals and handbooks Price based on previous Shorland sales but open to offers £8500ono Cambridgeshire 07817582669 bingetyler@gmail.com https://youtu.be/yujA93pfYYQ https://www.facebook.com/tyler.binge.7/media_set?set=a.591716321032314&type=1 Feel free to share this
  16. Thanks for that. Do you know what would the rear light setup/type have been?
  17. Hi can anyone tell me what rear light setup/types would have been fitted to a 1945 Bedford OYD? As all have been replaced with much more modern stuff?
  18. How would I book on this as I can't find it on the MVT site? Thanks
  19. I voted for 10.50 x 16, but would also be after 9.00 x 13 for the Beaverette.
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