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  1. Thanks for the link to the portion of the book. just what I was looking for ta.
  2. Is there a page number, tried to access via various libraries, seeing on various between £130..300....must be a good book.
  3. Thank you Richards, much appreciated
  4. hi there, do you have the reference for this image, the leaflet or book. cheers
  5. Hi all, trying to identify this wheel hub. JB. On a circa 1950's/60's trailer. unsure if military but I am confident that the knowledge base on this group may have come across it. Many thanks.
  6. Right here we go. I did email Mr. A. Brown to try and get a location. But like all good treasure stories, false clues, a bit of jackanory, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, I did follow up the Auction Catalogue reference, which is thus;
  7. the bloke at the top is neither an archaeologist or Dr. just a bluffer. Richard Osgood is the MOD archaeologist, second picture.
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