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  1. I'm part of a ww2 re enactment group and only live in welshpool and is only an hour away from whitchurch so m interested. if your at stoneleigh ill have to meet up with you for a chat about the event.
  2. no problem as i can always sort something out when it comes to playing with tank bits :-D
  3. http://www.tankmuseum.com click on projects and scroll to the bottom of the page and click table one or table two. mine is listed on table two. hope this helps.
  4. wanted any chieftain parts to complete my restoration. seats, periscopes. ir lenses, gunners sights or commanders sights. will consider any parts as you can never have to many parts to play with. :nut::-D
  5. hi has anyone got or know where i can get a PSU for chieftain mk11 or challenger 1 from as I've tried all my parts suppliers and so far no joy. any help or advice would be appreciated. :-D:-D:-D
  6. brill cheers terryb ill have a look in the morning. I'm currently making a list of items missing from her and building up a parts collection so as soon as i.e. got her in the workshop i can tackle her in the warm and dry. where abouts are you as I'm interested in having a play with your togs system sometime.
  7. Hope someone out there can help. I'm currently restoring a mk11 chieftain and I'm in need of a psu and can't find one anywhere. does anyone know if i can remove one from any other vehicle or does it have to come from a chieftain? also i have the togs system fitted but can't seem to figure out how the front door opens to reveal the lens. if someone knows where the switch is hiding as i can't seem to figure it out and need to find out if the togs housing is empty or if the togs kit is still inside the housing thats on the side of the turret.
  8. Hi one and all I'm john aka chieftain nut as i currently have a mk11 chieftain under restoration so in time i may need to pick a few peoples grey matter for some hints,tips and general info. so glad to find I'm not the only mad man with a tank out there with a passion for all things green. its so nice that there are people out there that still want to help people any way they can having never met them. likewise if there is any way i can help you guys and girls out I'm more than happy to help. well bye for now and hope we have a good relationship together :-D:-D
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