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  1. I do believe the chassis has been shortened but it has been done the right way by moving the rear axles forward and cutting the rest of the chassis off ? Also I have tried the RLC with no luck at the moment will call them up in the week
  2. Brilliant thanks for all that mate am looking forward to the rally will definitely be going with all my pocket money !! And I will look at the numbers when I get back to the unit I know the chassis number is 0859993 and the contract number is 6/VEH/17911 and it is a FV11008 those numbers are firmly engraved on the inside of my brain at the moment with trying to get it registered :')
  3. Just hope the missus done read this :') she's all for the truck for now.... And thanks anyway I have applied to the RLC and they are on it now hopefully they will find something but nothing yet, I have joined the AEC society and hoping they can get me the registration and log book soon fingers crossed
  4. For sale is the body off the back of my aec militant I've been told its a Bedford mk body steel with wooden floor all sides are drop side comes with roof bars, the body is in solid condition just needs some new wood panels and a paint. Has all original chassis to body fixings. Open to offers not sure what it's worth I know it's heavy so scrap value would be about £200 any interest give me a call 07470029291 it is located in Birmingham
  5. I do hope there are more of the younger generation on here. The youth need to start saving these old girls aswell whilst we're young and free and as for the second reply yes it is that one yes she seems in a good state hopefully stays that way once I start stripping her down. As you put it up for sale, do you know anything about her or know anybody who would ? As I know nothing of her past...
  6. Hello I've just had a look on my militant and mine has the same from left to right reads CLUTCH PIVOT. CLUTCH STOP PIVOT. HAND LEVER PIVOT. PEDAL SHAFT.
  7. Hello everybody I am new to all this so bare with me, I am a 21 year old from the west Midlands and have recently wanted a classic truck to restore I have already restored a couple of my own 50's 60's and 80's cars converting an Austin A30 into a oval track race car, but that's enough about cars I wanted I classic truck was looking into the Bedford TK and KM models was ringing a few people and buying magazines then I bought December's Issue of Vintage and classic commercials and on the front page was a dark red militant. I'm pretty sure he's on the page with the MK1 tanker ? Rob ? I saw that and read the whole section and just felt right looking at it and I said to myself that is just awesome, I'd love one of them and surely enough I scoured the internet and found a militant in my price range (I didn't have a big budget) it was advertised on this site not long ago. So I viewed it fell in love then agreed to collect her. Picked her up last Saturday and am currently nibbling away fixing little things whilst trying to keep the missus happy as she knows only too well how much time I spend I'm the garage on a project till its done. Any advice on parts or people to talk to would be great. Thanks for reading. Andy
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