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  1. I’d have loved to have seen a really army auction. I will definitely have to do some more digging to find her true history. So my theory of her being a yellow range control vehicle are now gone I’ve just got to find out all the why where’s and when’s. Also I love older technology hence me having a truck almost 3 times my age, at school I was more pen and paper than computer
  2. Waw thank you that’s great can you remember the truck itself ? Was it a standard green LWB 6x4 Militant ?
  3. Hello all very interesting information your all supplying, just out of interest dose anybody have any information about sales at Ruddington 17th June 1983 ? Lot 1925 sale 179. Militant 26BR34. In parks 2 and 3. Any information would be great Thank you
  4. That’s some bloody good information mate lovely to hear it. So she’s not what I thought she was but I’ve now got to figure out why she had a new cab new engine and why/where she was shortened ? Do you have any other information on her or know anybody that would ? I’ve got more digging to do haha
  5. This is interesting so my assumption that it was a range control vehicle at the firing rage in Lulworth might be wrong ? As I think it should have been sold in yellow ? They wouldn’t have painted it green to sell it I presume ? Also do you remember if it had a back on it would it have been a dropside ? Last question. Was it a SWB or a LWB ?
  6. Waw that’s brilliant. So my question to you is was she yellow or was she green on her sale date ? This will be a huge determining factor in her history
  7. Waw that’s fantastic information so is there a chance you would have seen my Militant on her sale day ? Thank you I aim to really get on with her now and try and get her completed as quick as I can
  8. From Neglected to Newark. I haven’t posted on here for a long time because sadly I have been busy or was doing other things to make time for my big old girl. Fortunately I had a spur of spirit and set myself a target to get her to the AEC show so with 6 weeks to go I set about everything that needed doing to make her roadworthy. And at the end of the 6 weeks I was happy she was fit for the road. So me tired beyond compare after weeks and weeks or AM finished after work I left for the show at 6:20 am up all the A roads and arrived at 9:17 with no problems. Brilliant time at the show and made it back with no troubles but a numb arse. Looking forward to finishing her off now and getting her all painted up hopefully she’ll be done for Christmas and going to shows next year
  9. Hello I would like to do a full oil change on my AEC Militant so that would be : Engine Gearbox Transfer box Diffs Axles Hubs i would likw like some help as to what oil to put it what ? I believe 10W40 Mineral is okay for the engine ? As for the gearbox and others is it 140 Hypoid ? 90 Hypoid ? Something else ? Many thanks.
  10. I think my militants got that same bracketry behind the drivers door frame ?
  11. That video was painful to watch :'( maybe she'll be recycled into metal sheet to be used to restore other Militant's ? I hope.....
  12. Are those wiring looms made to order rob ? ......
  13. Yet more pictures I have found ! This is becoming a history lesson for the old girl found another picture of her in the hands of the travlers. No wonder the clutch was lnackered dragging that caravan round on a draw bar for the remains of her life till she was parked up somewhere which I am yet to find out. That will be another lesson when the time comes.....
  14. I think I've sussed the air system out now got her building up to 120 then blowing off as she should very happy next thing to do I think I'd start sorting the cab out do the little bits of welding and paint the cab
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