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  1. Many thanks for the advice. The tank itself appear to be sound from an external inspection anyway - no obvious thin spots or excessive flexing that I can see. The next step is to get the thing off which is a job for next weekend! I'm certainly up to date with the legal and environmental considerations and I think that the professional approach may be best even if it costs a few quid. Having had experience of some tank sealing products previously, I would take some further advice on what's best to use.... We had a nightmare with a Dingo fuel tank a few years ago. the sealant had turned into something like shellac and had shattered clogging up the whole system. Assuming the tank can be cleaned and is sound, can anyone recommend a product that isn't going to make me say bad words? Thanks again for your help, chaps
  2. I have made a start with the QLW restoration and am in the process of removing, cleaning and checking over various components including the carburettor, fuel pump etc. and trying to ascertain what condition the radiator is in and all of those things you do to get a feel for how much work, time and money is going to be required. The carb and the fuel pump are choked with old, stinking evaporated petrol which is thankfully still semi-liquid. The carb spent a week soaking in kerosene and is now clean and I anticipate I can clean the pump and fuel lines in the same way. My problem is the tank which appear to have about an inch of this glop in the bottom. Can anyone out there advise on the best way to get this out and to clean the inside of the tank? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Don't think my previous response posted.... Korporal Josef Pawlica was my uncle and served with the 11th Engineer Company of the Polish 1st Armoured Division. He escaped Poland at the end of September 1939 and rejoined the Polish Free Forces in France. After France fell he was evacuated by sea to Glasgow and, in common with many Poles was shipped to the east coast to defend Scotland from potential invasion in 1940. He met my fathers sister and they were married in 1942 - he went ashore at Arromanches on 30th July 1944 and served throughout the NW Europe campaign ending up in Wilhelmshaven. Sadly I never knew him as he died in 1961 aged 49 - I use his name in commemoration.
  4. Hi Vic and welcome from another new guy in Northumberland - drop me a PM if you wish as I've got contacts with a fair number of folk in the MV scene in Northumberland. Happy to help out if I can
  5. Korporal Jozef Pawlica was my uncle and served with the 11th Engineer Company of the Polish 1st Armoured Division. He escaped from Poland in September 1939, re-joined the Free Polish forces in France and was subsequently evacuated by sea to Glasgow when France fell. Like many Poles, he was moved to the east coast of Scotland to work on coastal defence where he met my fathers sister and they were married in 1942. He went ashore at Arromanches on 30th July 1944 with the Polish 1st Armoured and was with them all the way through the NW Europe campaign ending up in Wilhelmshaven. Sadly, I never knew him as he died young in 1961 so I have used his name as a commemoration of his service and that of the Poles in general who did so much for very little reward at the end of the war.
  6. Apologies for the delay in responding to the kind messages - I've been in Norfolk..... Nothing stays secret on here obviously and, yes, I am the son-in-law of the man with the Matador(s). His help and advice is going to be invaluable with the QLW which has now arrived! Really looking forward to getting started on it... We'll be at a few shows over the summer, War & Peace, Croft etc so hope to see you somewhere. I'll be homing in on QLs with the intention of picking brains....
  7. Hello Everyone, This must be the bit that everyone dreads. Introducing themselves to a forum of their peers and trying not to sound like either a complete idiot or an arrogant sod. I'll do my best and try to hit the middle ground... My interest in military vehicles, particularly wartime British, goes back to childhood and for the last fifteen years or so, I've been actively engaged in all sorts of activities from organising local military vehicle events here in Northumberland, attending commemorations all across the UK and Europe specifically Normandy, Norway and Market Garden. I am in a fortunate position that the interest in the vehicles and their restoration and attendance of many events is very much a family affair with three generations regularly out and about at home and abroad. My father in law has an interesting collection of WW2 British vehicles and I have spent many happy hours trying to perfect gear changes in one of his Matadors. As far as restoration goes, I have assisted with a wide variety of tasks but my only foray into restoration myself was a GMC CCKW 353 A2 which we still have. Unfortunately, work pressures made it very difficult to complete the work but it was eventually done with father in laws help - not my finest hour. My reason for re-joining the forum (I had an old profile that lapsed) is that I am on the verge of acquiring a Bedford QLW tipper which needs quite a lot of work but having learned from my experiences with the GMC and am confident I can get it up and running and back on the road. I hope that I will be able to learn much from the wise folk on this forum. I have always been astonished by the willingness of people in the MV world to help others.. As and when the Bedford is ready, I will finish it as 11th Engineers Company of the 1st Polish Armoured Division in honour of my uncle who served with them all the way to the German surrender of Wilhelmshaven. Sadly he died in 1961 so I never got to hear his story first hand. I hope that this is a worthy introduction and I look forward to being part of the forum.
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