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  1. WANTED to view and scan I'm trying to find some manuals for the Humber Heavy Utility 4x4/FWD vehicle: - "Driver's Handbook" from late 1943 with reference "56/3". - "Driver's Handbook" from late 1944. - "Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book" from early/mid 1942 with reference "101/HR2". - "Replacement Parts Catalogue" from late 1941 - 1942. - any 1945 or later dated manuals. If anyone has any of these on their bookshelf I'd like to copy. Many thanks, Alan
  2. TankNutUK

    3 x Russian Vehicles for sale

    PM'd you.
  3. TankNutUK

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    I wonder if the Panther is on the 'Russian'/separatist or Ukrainian side of the conflict border. A price in Euro makes me think that it could be in the western zone. Not sure who would be easier to negotiate with - the authorities in Kiev or big brother Bear! I guess it would make UK planning permission looks like child's play and a damn sight cheaper. Of course, the 'powers to be' might be watching as they do all of the hard work and them swoop in and confiscate 'war-like' materiel. Perhaps the local authorities will end up claiming the remains as a national treasure or even used as a memorial. Just so long as it is saved from the scrap man.
  4. The sanitation engineer must have had a great time deal of fun pulling together all of those various parts and then being told that the design had to go onto the rear of a lorry. This is a much overlooked element of a division's support services. Many personal war diaries tell of visiting the mobile bath and laundry units when rotating through in reserve and the delight of getting thoroughly cleaned. That and local cafes, ENSA shows and getting fed a proper meal. Does anyone know what water supply was used to keep the steam flowing? I suspect that somewhere on the rear of the lorry is a pump and filter to use natural water sources or Royal Engineer constructed water tanks but could a water bowser be connected? The Imperial War Museum(IWM), in London, have a model of a 'Mobile Disinfector Truck' with a description "Scratch-built model of a Second World War period British/Indian Army disinfector truck, having a wooden chassis and wheels, metal superstructure (bodywork), and glass plate windscreen. The open flat-backed rear of the truck carries a cylindrical metal boiler and stands for two disinfector drums. The drums themselves are not present. The model (based on a standard 3-ton truck) is finished in a black and brown paint camouflage scheme and is marked with the following painted (in what was originally white paint) distinguishing numbers: '25TH / F.H.S. / 602' (on left front mudguard); 'L 14794' (on left and right side of bonnet); 'W / broad arrow / D' (at rear end of flat back)."Height 126mm, Length 270 m, Width 120mm", Catalogue Number: MOD 2494: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/30115600 (sorry - no picture). No other information jumps out of the IWM collection. Maybe more research will reveal something. I was hoping to identify the 3 ton lorry manufacturer but can't make sense of the WD Number 'L14794' from the official lists. Perhaps '25th FHS' is 25th Field Hygiene Section? The FHSs were part of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). The National Archives in Kew has War Diaries for the British and Indian 25th FHSs: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/results/r?_q=25+field+hygiene+section
  5. TankNutUK

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    I see a final drive sprocket wheel. How much remains of the rest of the vehicle I wonder? The advert appears to say that the turret is off the vehicle...so an internal ammunition explosion? Could have made quite a mess of the interior, not to mention the crew.
  6. TankNutUK

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    Wow. With a 3 million Euro price tag and transport from Ukraine to Germany is extra......and then need no doubt have the front armour cut to meet German Federal law. Now where did I put my chequebook?
  7. TankNutUK

    2 man bivy tent

    Any photo of the bivy? Many thanks, Alan
  8. TankNutUK

    propane gun simulator circuit boards

    Hi Colin, Interested in two boards also to make BESAs. I'll PM. Alan
  9. TankNutUK

    Help in identifying mystery part

    Yes. Definitely a convoy light/lamp. Seen on many German (Bundeswehr) vehicles an some of other nations. Now on the rear of the British Army's MAN fleet of logistic trucks. Here is a Wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackout_light
  10. TankNutUK

    How Many Humber 4x4 Utilities are there ?

    Dave, Click the "Activity" tab and then select "Search", on the right. Once the screen has refreshed, you will see two tabs "Contents Search" and "Member Search". After selecting "Member Search", type in "Anzac" into the search field. Of the three results...Alec is the one who joined in 2007. Send him a message. Hope that helps, Alan
  11. Dave, The Humber Heavy Utility register is held by Alec Small, on here as "Anzac". I don't believe this vehicle has survived in preservation. My understanding puts M4895246 as a vehicle from contract S.239 awarded in June 1942. Alan
  12. TankNutUK

    How Many Humber 4x4 Utilities are there ?

    Dave, You need to speak to Alec Small. He is on here as "Anzac".
  13. TankNutUK

    Humber heavy utility

    Roger, Click the "Activity" tab and then select "Search", on the right. Once the screen has refreshed, you will see two tabs "Contents Search" and "Member Search". After selecting "Member Search", type in "Anzac" into the search field. Of the three results...Alec is the one who joined in 2007. Send him a message. Hope that helps, Alan
  14. TankNutUK

    Humber heavy utility

    Roger, The wartime Humbers came in a number of 4x2 and 4x4/FWD Heavy Utility, Pickup and Ambulance variants. A number of forum members own FWD Heavy Utility vehicles. Some on the road with others under restoration but they don't come up for sale very often. There is a register of known surviving Humber Utility vehicles managed by Alec Small (on this forum as "Anzac"). I suggest that you contact him. Regards, Alan
  15. Can anyone help identify this mysterious antenna base? It was found roof mounted on the rear of a post-war (1950s/60s) British Army softskin vehicle? The spring should be vertical. Unfortunately all cabling had already been removed. The curved base looks suspicious. Could this possibly be for an aircraft antenna? Used for ground to air communications perhaps? I'd be grateful for any information. Many thanks. Alan