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  1. MMG Sow on Patch

    I was given this sow on patch a couple of weeks ago but the 83 year old person who gave it to me didn't know its use or origin. Is it military and if so where would it have been used and what era? Any info would be grateful. Steve
  2. Another Royal Enfield saga

    Can't make Netley this year but should be at Beaulieu on the Sunday, will you be there Ron?
  3. Triumph 3HW

    All done and came first in class at last weekend's International West Kent Run. Thanks for all your help with this project with a special thanks to Ron Pier. Steve
  4. UK pettol and diesel ban on cars from 2040

    There is also the issue of government revenue, over 50% of the fuel cost is tax and this will have to be sourced from elsewhere.
  5. 2019 MVT normandy tour whos going

    I am with you on a 3HW, booked through the IMPS though.
  6. Triumph 3HW

    Thanks Ron All fixed last night, easy when you know how.
  7. Fuel Tank Sealing Compounds

    From experiences I have had with the product it stays fluid for ages, I have poured the excess into a can and it has still been fluid weeks later, the can was sealed though. Threaded holes can be blocked off with bolts but the best hole plug for the larger holes is a potato.
  8. Do you know where we can buy this book please, a quick internet search didn't bring anything up?
  9. Triumph 3HW

    Can someone offer advise on the fitting of the 3HW kick start spring please? I pre tensioned mine prior to reassembly but the lever is not returning without assistance, I also recall having trouble getting it all back in place with the little tension that I had so can only imagine that this will be harder with even more tension applied. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Steve
  10. V5c

    I tried to change a Ferguson tractor from petrol to TVO recently due to an error on the V5c and they wanted an invoice for the engine change!
  11. Introduction Tim Purh.

    Hi Tim and welcome I too have a 3HW that I am restoring and I also had a recent encounter with the engine breather, see http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?55813-Triumph-3HW What is it that's causing the itch to your head? Steve
  12. Triumph 3HW

    Thanks Ron Excellent reference pictures, I will measure the clearance between the spindle and the fork ends and spend an hour on the lathe.
  13. Triumph 3HW

    I have made a new disc and put it all back together and given it a suck and blow test and all is well, hopefully that will last a while. A slight deviation to the front wheel now, I need a good photo of a front wheel nut if you have one please, mine are just flat nuts and I would have expected there to be some kind of flange on them for fitting to the girder forks, can you help Ron? Steve
  14. Stuart If you don't want to go through the rigmarole of joining the Scott forum just PM me your posting and I will post it on your behalf. Steve