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  1. Soldering the conductor strip made it work slightly better, but still erratic, replaced plate with spring loaded b.c. holders and single pole bulbs (replacing the twin pole bulbs)....works perfect.
  2. Hi, thanks for that, I've often wondered about Hamworthy axles etc, I'll have look for that.
  3. I'm slowly plodding through the wiring on an ex M.O.D. tug, most is now working, but there's nearly always something that doesn't quite make sense. Can anyone advise as to whether the lamp(s) holder (with conductor strips) on a Rubbolite Model 63 indicator/side light unit, deteriorates with age ? I've done a continuity test, got 12V going to it, 5W bulb is good, can't see a break in the conductor strip, even tried the old silver paper trick between bulb contacts and conductor strip. Indicator works fine....side light doesn't ? I'm just wondering if I could build up the conductor strip with solder ? Thanks.
  4. Sorry chaps, went back to my wiring fun and games on the tug, they might have started life nicely colour coded, but there's always a few wires that have had attention over the years that end up in extensions of yellow/green or some other colour....thank god I've got a cheapo multimeter ! Engine hours clock has never worked since I've had it, its worked on the bench tonight though....bet Princess Anne never had that problem ! Three wires come off the hours clock, one to the Alt Charge dash panel bulb, the other two have yet to be traced....probably need to make some extensions to my multimeter cables !
  5. Always liked Scimitars....but never been in one !
  6. Many thanks for that, I'll have a read of it later.
  7. FMW produced around 160/170 (so I'm informed) towing tugs for airfield, dockyard, stores use etc. From my limited knowledge, many were eventually disposed of and sold on to shipping and aviation companies, the dozen or so I have come across were all Ford 2.5L diesel engined and used Transit components with a Borg-Warner torque converter, weight approx 2.8 ton. I must stress that I am refering to the towing tug and not the Matey truck, out of interest I did see a Matey truck on a well known auction site around a month ago.
  8. Many thanks folks. I'll check out the relay on eBay out of interest, haven't tested it yet as haven't had any issues starting it, probably helps that it is the 2.5 DI engine....and not the 2.4l York !
  9. Many thanks for the reply radiomike7, I'm pretty sure you're correct, it does link up with the glow plug/thermostat wiring to the inlet manifold, although I'm not yet convinced that the system is in working order....too busy clearing endless wasp nest residue after years of outdoor countryside storage. Engine is as you say.
  10. Hi, forgive my ignorance on this as I've not come across this type of electrical component before, it's on an ex M.O.D. 1980's FMW diesel tug. I realise this may be a little to young for this site, but any help in advising what it is would be greatly appreciated. It's a Ford stamped component with prominent number of 12DA B4 7PG shown on the casing. Many thanks.
  11. My wife likes how you've built yourself a little roof to keep the hubs and yourself out of any bad weather ! Nice one, enjoying the progress reports.
  12. That's a great help and much appreciated, I've looked on the net and noticed a large variations in prices, good to know there's an alternative out there in this country though....as opposed to the other side of the world ! The machine will never go on the road, and if it goes over 25 km/h I'd be in a state of shock.
  13. Thanks for that, I have been looking, lots of the fork lift tyres are solids....i'll keep looking though !
  14. I tend to get mixed up over the vagaries of tyre sizes, can anyone offer advice on a suitable alternative for a 700 - 15 12 Ply tyre for a split rim wheel off an ex M.O.D. FMW TT40 tug. I think the AVON BUFFALO is now history, I don't mind what brand it is as long as it will do the job safely, my wife is frightened to walk by the current tyres....that somehow do still hold air !
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