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  1. Thanks Steve, I think I may now have a solution. I may take you up on your kind offer if it isn't successful though. Thanks a lot, Tim
  2. Hi Ron, No that wasn't me, I'm doing very little to the rest of the bike until I know i can source all the engine parts. Although I do have a set of John's fork spindles and bushes on the way. Thanks for that chaps number btw. Cheers, Tim
  3. Hello Guy, Thanks for replying, as far as I have ascertained, the maximum oversize Triumph piston was +40thou. So your information is useful, thanks. It's possible to buy 72.5mm pistons for a range of modern bikes. I'm confident the barrel I have will stand having 10thou removed from the wall thickness. My problem is......I don't have an original 3hw piston to compare the one in my engine to. So I don't know wether it gives the required compression ratio etc. I would rather not go to the trouble of working this out. I hoped someone on here could give me the gudgeon pin to crown dimension of a standard piston. This will hugely assist me in my search for a modern oversize replacement, if that makes sense? Thanks again, Tim
  4. Hello, does anyone have a Triumph 3hw piston they could measure for me please? The bike I'm rebuilding has a non standard 72mm piston fitted. i need to source a larger replacement, but don't know the correct pistons dimensions to cross reference with. Even better would be if someone has encountered and solved this issue before? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Tim
  5. Hello Ron, did you get my pm? I'm just checking because it's very likely that I didn't send it correctly! I can't find it in my sent box!?
  6. Thank you Ron, I've just ordered the parts manual. I appreciate your help. Is Les the main man for all spare parts then?
  7. Hello, thanks for accepting me onto this forum. I am rebuilding a Triumph 3HW and would really value any help and advice, please. It's completely disassembled, including the engine and gearbox! Is it possible to obtain copies of the spare parts manual/s? I'm hoping they have exploded diagrams in them, if so? Does anyone know the gearbox/engine/wheel bearing numbers please? I believe the wheel bearings are difficult to source too? This may be too much info for one post, but I also need to know where to source a quality big end and Piston. Thanks for any help you can offer!
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