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  1. Hi Mikes, check out page 21 of the " Explorer fixes and workarounds". It should show a post by "Croc" containing images of a drawing of the back body wood work. Dave.
  2. Hi Dave, they do come up occasionally but very rare. Others have replaced them with a short propshaft. I'm not sure who has made it but I'm sure someone will be along to add details. Dave.
  3. Exhibitor entry forms now available
  4. Exhibitor entry forms available from the end of October.
  5. Hi Chris,

    I see by old posts that you have supplied bearings to people on here. I'm going to disassemble my Scammell Explorer rear axle Diff drive worm as the housing is measuring 100° C. I suspect a bearing failure so are you still able to supply bearing if I find there is a problem with mine ?


    1. Chrisg


      Hi Dave

      yes I should be able to help


    2. Longen


      Hi Chris,

      Looks like the 2 rear bearings are suspect. Can you get a price and delivery, either I collect from you or post to PO80RX.

      first bearing is:-



      LKJI. (last figure maybe a 1)

      Second bearing:-



      41 94HW.

      Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      07813 214040. 


    3. Chrisg


      I'll check tomorrow 

  6. Dave, I have a system like this on my Explorer fitted so that the power assist was available for longer than the airtank capacity during yard shunting. It does what you describe. It does require a hydraulic pressure source (Pump). Im not sure about the Diamond T , do you have the option to add the pump. I have the Leyland 680PP which has the pump option driven by the engine. Dave.
  7. The handle with the small star wheels is an abrasive wheel (Grinder) dresser. It is held against the grinding wheel whilst the wheel is rotating and the grit in the wheel is dislodged so that new grit is exposed.
  8. 2 sump plugs ? Explorer Meadows engine has 2 for different levels of sump. Dip stick is for gearbox ? Just throwing ideas up.
  9. If working on the vehicle with the wheels off, store them under the vehicle. This avoids falling over them and they will stop the vehicle falling to the ground if the unthinkable happens and the vehicle comes off the stands. HGV's are another matter as the wheels are often too F'ing heavy and are easier left vertical to allow moving by rolling.
  10. Please make the effort. I enjoyed reading the blog and found it inspirational. I am sure many others will too. Without the images the words struggle to reflect your work and it would be a shame for others to miss out on this. Of course the priority has to be the truck but the history is also important. Many thanks for making the effort to publish your work and please continue to do so. Dave.
  11. Hello John, I've heard of compressed air being used to do this. Never done it myself but the gentlemen who had used this technique was replacing valve springs on a rover V8. Spark plug modified to take an air line. Hope this helps. Dave.
  12. Hello All, just to introduce myself. I'm a fan of any vintage vehicle but most inportantly I have just been given the honour of becoming the current custodian of HSU 832, A 1954 Scammell Explorer. We hope to be getting out and about so that more of you can share the enjoyment of seeing such a great piece of British history.
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