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  1. The First Aid film, shown during my Basic Training was based on one of these exploding. Don't mind the No2 but have kept my distance from these.
  2. Part Numbers were Tail Light WD-T1 or WD T2 (Lucas AT201L) Flood Light B-WD-AF1 Tail and Flood.docx
  3. I believe that you cannot park a SORN vehicle on a public road, so would assume that you could not tow a vehicle on SORN on a public road?
  4. From the information I have gathered the nearest to yours is shown below on Key Cards from the RLC Museum. 06YR79 Chassis 56442 - Z1612777 06YR81 Chassis 56356 - Z1612652 During their time in service a vehicle may have been allocated at least 4 different registration numbers; Original Z Number, Rebuild Z Number; Post War Number and finally a Reclassification number. Added to this is that some Chassis would be "pulled" from the production line for other "customers", so the Z numbers need not necessarily be in sequence.
  5. Depending on the reference source used; either Sep 41 (Warpaint Vol 3 - Dick Taylor) or Apr 42 (British Military Markings - P Hodges & M Taylor) although it would appear that RASC troop carrying vehicles did not loose their PASS Plates until the publication of Amendment 4 to Vehicle Markings 1942 dated 2 Dec 1942.
  6. When I took mine for it's first run, coolant pumped out of radiator. Discovered that the top seal ring was not set to the correct height, so was not closing the system. Andy
  7. Have a friend looking for a Hillman Tilly, prefer an Ex RAF but anything considered.
  8. These are the only two photo's I have of Armour in Libiya on the back is written "Camp DERNA" The registration on the nearest Saracen appears to be 98BA?8 and I assume they are towing the 1 ton trailers?
  9. A couple of photos showing sand coloured overalls, it would appear that brown was another colour worn.
  10. The view from a Scammel at 25 mph ????? Scammel 94BD27 looking rather pristine. On the back of the photo is written (The last vehicle "AJAX" 2 RTR) note the Divisional sign is not a sailing ship?
  11. Here are a few more photo's showing the trailer.
  12. This could be the same group of vehicles? photo taken by my late father (REME) about 61-62.
  13. Dave, Was able to get an exchange item from Chris Mortor, hope that resolves the problem. Trevor, Will add looking at the pedal adjustment when I come to fit the cylinder. Many thanks Andy
  14. Dave, Mine is U/S. Had it re-sleeved but it still has the same problem, even changed the seals again ! To work the brakes I need to apply foot pressure twice, the first is to pump up the pedal then it will work (remains solid as long as pressed). It would appear that the first pump acts as a shuffle to get the rear piston (front brakes) to work ? Once released it loses pressure, all pipe work has been checked over and there is no loss of fluid. So thought the best solution is to replace, even one requiring a referb would be acceptable ? Andy
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