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  1. Thank you Sean, I can at least start an informed search. chrispy
  2. Thank you Captain. I have the chaplaincy records for dad so will look again. Visited Amport where the chaplains records are kept. Will look at visiting Kew to look further. Thanks for the pointer. Chrispy
  3. I quite agree with all these observations. It seems to be a tricky vehicle to identify.
  4. Agree with you after looking at images of the Snipe.
  5. During WW2 my father was a Padre with the 8th Army at the battle of El Alamein. We have very few photographs of him at this time but the attached shows him with a group of fellow soldiers and a vehicle in the background. When I get to the point of restoring an old vehicle I would like to restore one of these in his memory and the work of chaplains. He was awarded MC for tending to wounded in no mans land during the battles. Can anyone identify the vehicle behind my father?
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