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  1. Hi, are there any of these still left and anyone would like to release one to a new home? thanks
  2. Tadeo

    Panther and Tiger panzer parts

    Thanks eddy8men, these are not required as there is no engine yet.
  3. WTB any Panther/Tiger parts. Partial exchange can also be made if needed. Please approach me with any offers or information, many thanks
  4. Tadeo

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Looking forward for serious offers
  5. This last one is for sale for a number of years...
  6. Tadeo

    Wanted Cromwell engine and turret

    Hi, I’m aware of that, but the intent is to get the original out from someone and bring it to the new good home..
  7. Any info and offers would be much appreciated. thanks
  8. Tadeo

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Complete twin pack if possible, but otherwise I’ll have to build one (at least). Transfercase(s) is also something needed if offered. Cluthes-needed as I haven’t yet found any.
  9. Tadeo

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Which way? I was sure they should turn differently, maybe because of lack of knowledge.
  10. Tadeo

    GM Detroit Diesel 6-71 engines

    Hi, yes, the plan is to a twin diesel for Sherman m4a2, so they should spin differently and no turbo as far as I’m aware. Anything you know / could offer?
  11. WTB engines in subject. If you know any of such for sale, please do not hesitate to drpo me an email.Would be much appreciated.
  12. Tadeo

    WANTED - CCKW or G506 headlights (or buckets)

    Graham, try this id to find one of the buckets: 312093733801 . Sorry cannot find another one.
  13. Tadeo

    WANTED - CCKW or G506 headlights (or buckets)

    Hi, not sure if correct ones, but there are two yellow coloured buckets on ebay.com for 30$ or so. Both sold separatelly but from the same seller. One with ring (if recall correct). Cannot post a link as I saw on mobile app.
  14. Tadeo

    Rebuilt T-84 for sale

    Selling freshly rebuilt T-84 transmission for MB/GPW. 1400€+Shipping Have some other parts that will be selling, but no lost at the moment. If you need something, freely reach out and I see if I have something.
  15. Tadeo


    Hi, I do have a rebuilt one. Drop me an email/PM if you still need it.