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  1. Tadeo

    WANTED - CCKW or G506 headlights (or buckets)

    Graham, try this id to find one of the buckets: 312093733801 . Sorry cannot find another one.
  2. Tadeo

    WANTED - CCKW or G506 headlights (or buckets)

    Hi, not sure if correct ones, but there are two yellow coloured buckets on ebay.com for 30$ or so. Both sold separatelly but from the same seller. One with ring (if recall correct). Cannot post a link as I saw on mobile app.
  3. Tadeo

    Rebuilt T-84 for sale

    Selling freshly rebuilt T-84 transmission for MB/GPW. 1400€+Shipping Have some other parts that will be selling, but no lost at the moment. If you need something, freely reach out and I see if I have something.
  4. Tadeo


    Hi, I do have a rebuilt one. Drop me an email/PM if you still need it.
  5. Tadeo


    Hi, does someone know the primary forum(s) in the UK where tank lovers do attend. I'm looking to establish new connections, however, it seems that I'm still lacking proper virtual places on the web where such people are meeting up.. If someone could share any thoughts - would be very helpful.
  6. Tadeo

    WTB Fordson WOT8/WOT6

    Hi, I'm looking for one as previous sale haven't happened. If you have it either can give a contact, would be very usefull. Please PM
  7. Hi, I'm looking for above. Please PM if you have or know who may have it for sale. Many thanks
  8. Hi, looking for above. Please PM me if you have it or know who has/may have it. Many thanks
  9. Tadeo

    Stud US6 for sale

    6X6 version, re-painted, running condition and nicely looking, without bed. 15 thousand Euros.
  10. Tadeo

    WTB WOT 6 or 8

    WOT 6 or 8 is needed, restored or unrestored will be ok, but prefer the runing/restored condition. Please PM me with offers or any info (would be much appreciated)
  11. Tadeo

    WTB Austin K6 parts

    Due to very poor and rusted cab, so I probably need a cab, wings, speedo, front windows and side doors. Also front headlights and one gas tank. I'm unsure how much of these are interchangeable with other models, but if you have something, please reach out for me via PM or email. Thanks in advance.
  12. Tadeo

    International M5 Halftrack

    Apologies, it's located in Lithuania, EU.
  13. Runs and looks well, with no issues, has required papers. Please PM or email me for pictures. Only serious enqueries, 38.000 Euros or best offer.
  14. Hi, I'm a jeep guy originally. Have bunch of MB/GPW parts and sell/exchange them when needed. I've joined this forum to get more connections on other mil vehicles as I'm looking for new projects.