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  1. 1953, runing condition, only 800 miles, fewer rust, good tracks, changed oil etc. Location Lithuania, EU. Please no time waisters and only serious enqueries. Appreciate everyone's opinions, but lets stick to the topic.
  2. Q4 recently sold in ebay, if you would have known..
  3. Do you use zinc oxide instead of primer? How is it?
  4. Am sorry what is it 'AA in yellow'?
  5. Hello, Is there anyone looking for restored and running KM20 - I would probably consider selling it, however, not sure what should I ask in terms of price, so an indication would really help if it's even worth to sell. Apologies, that I do not describe the condition in details, but there's nothing to stick to really in terms or mechanics or visually.
  6. Tadeo


    sold-please remove the ad.
  7. Offering a new made fuel tank for Studebaker US6, freshly primed. 400 € plus shipping from Lithuania. Please PM. Have just one.
  8. Hello, anyone knows where I could get it? I need one quickly... much appreciated..
  9. That’s correct, I should have written my thread a bit clearer, so apologies if it has created a confusion to anyone.
  10. I think I’m about the one in subject (the one above) and no, I have not seen your previous advert.
  11. Hi there, anyone out here knows anything about this Morris - is it still available to acquire one or this is going to be a very... very long shot?
  12. Any condition, but better is more preferable.
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