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  1. I know it's not military however it's my beloved LR90, it's towing my just bought (well given for free to be precise) 84 Can-AM 250cc :-D Hopefully will be fully restored and on the road by summer. I am really looking to get hold of a good 101 and or lightweight, when money permits... If ihad the money i would buy right now, not many sellers like the thought of me paying a bit at a time, heh :-D Jon
  2. Should be starting the strip down this week, possibly today if there is enough time before i start work. The frame is in fantastic condition considering its been standing for some time, considering having it powder coated just for ease of it, would give me a nice clean starting point anyway. However i want this to be as original as humanly possible so just wondering what everyone else would do to achieve this. The engine will then be my next point of call, stripping it down completely and rebuilding/refurbing it and hopefully getting it to turn over again as it's been some time and the kick start has seized/broken Just hope it's not the engine that's seized. I will hopefully photograph from start to finish and post them on here for all to see, well whoever is interested anyway :nut: Jon
  3. Ok, its taken a while to finally move the bike to it's new home, however on Thursday the move was complete. It's a 1984 Can-Am Bombardier (called Toad) :-D It need's alot of work and it's going to be a complete rebuild including the engine, however it's been dry stored from it's life so there's not a lick of rust or damage, just looks rough. I now just can't wait to get her on the road! Also in the picture my daily runner/only car, my price and joy Land Rover 90, it's a love hate relationship... as always :flowers: Jon
  4. Thanks all. Photos will be up the moment i have time and i have moved the bike my garage where i can finally start work on it. Jon
  5. Cheers all, already recieved so much help on here already, can't wait to get the girl on road after it being stuck unused and in pieces in a shed for 15 years :-D Jon
  6. Hi, My names Jonathan and i have spent the best part of this week looking for information regarding my newly acquired 80's Can-Am Bombardier when i stumbled across this site and thought this is probablly the best place to start. I am an avid Land Rover fan, currently running a 2.5 nad 1985 90, all original, maybe with the exception of the paintwork as its yellow :-D and just starting to get involved with military motorbikes :yay:
  7. Hi, just newly acquired a 1980's Can-Am 250cc in need of "minor" restoration and rebuild :sweat: and was wondering if there where any workshop manuals for them or at least wiring diagram which would make the rebuild a hell of alot easier. Been finding it rather difficult to find out much information of them, however finding spares is not really a problem. :-D Cheers, Jon
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