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  1. Thanks Ron, I'll look forward to see them
  2. Just on the off chance I was wondering if anyone is taking their bike to The Revival this weekend? My 3HW project is still way off being completed but I'm always more that happy to appreciate other peoples hard work. Ian
  3. Thanks Ron that's perfect, I should be able to get the front end on soon now I can get those made :-D
  4. I was looking for some of these washers but friend said he would make them for me. Could someone possibly measure theirs? Width and outer diameter ? Many Thanks Ian
  5. IanOver

    My Triumph

    Your correct. 1945 3HW
  6. IanOver

    My Triumph

    It's a GSX1000S Katana
  7. IanOver

    My Triumph

    Blimey I did post a picture ☺
  8. IanOver

    My Triumph

    At last I've managed to get into the garage and start my project. With boxes of parts scattered everywhere I've got the frame together, now trying to assemble all the parts for the forks so can get it rolling. The plan is to build the bike up as is to find what is missing or worn out then strip ready for paint. When I find out how to I'll post some photographs
  9. Hi Tim, I'm in the same boat as you, having a 3HW jigsaw to assemble. I've found some great info on the net with a bit of searching. A search on this site can deliver some incredible detail for the build too. Hopefully I'll be posting some pictures when I get to an interesting bit. Good luck can't wait to see how you get on. Ian
  10. Sounds logical many thanks for the reply
  11. Hi could anyone help with some info. I'm starting to rebuild a 3HW that was striped but somewhere down the line most of the fixings have been lost. Could anyone tell me the size and length of the two bolts that hold the front frame section to the rear frame section Ian
  12. Hi Everyone , I'm a new member based in East Sussex hence the introduction. New to the military vehicle scene but excited as I have a great project to start with. Having inherited a large pile of boxes I'm now building a 1945 Triumph 3HW so hopefully I'll have picture to show as I go.
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