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  1. That's super. A pity the original patina has been lost. On the subject of painting, Dad has been cracking on with the primer on the chassis.
  2. Super photos as always. I have found an interesting photo of an AEC with these markings on the side. Can you tell if they are Bulgarian? Maybe they are Greek? Thanks
  3. Took delivery of the sandblasted chassis, axles and rear springs today. No doubt as to which company made the steel for it then? We can also make out the chassis number 014489 but I dont have the chassis number lists for Peerless so I cant date it. A shame!
  4. Wheels received a second coat of primer and are now in undercoat. Next step is to get them loaded up along with the new tyres and a visit to our friendly tyre press owner.
  5. Wheels are now primed. Will receive a second coat of red and then an undercoat before they are taken away to have their tyres pressed on.
  6. While we are waiting for the return of the chassis Dad carry's on cleaning up the wheels. Nearly finished them now, just needs to finish off the hubs, then we can get them painted and press the tyres on.
  7. Yesterday was another big step forwards. The Peerless chassis was taken away for sandblasting. Once back and painted we can start reassembling. all very exciting.
  8. An Albion shovel. What a fantastic find. I will be taking a closer look at any ore that I find. Although it looks like they might drop off they shouldn't be able to move. There are several variations to the mounting bracket. On the Dennis, the pick axe is firmly wedged down through the bracket and cant get out. The spade can slide laterally only an inch or so and shouldn't be able to drop out because of the pick. There is nothing to stop people removing them though and that is something I will have to keep in mind if we leave vehicles alone for very long.
  9. Do you know of any surviving Clayton steam wagons which served in the war? Thanks Tim
  10. Here is a different image. All very small unfortunately.
  11. When you say on the front of the cab, is that the one which goes alongside the driver?
  12. If you have been following the Dennis restoration thread you will have seen my comment on the pick and spade that should go on the side of the lorry. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/314-ww1-dennis-truck-find/page/76/#comments A British GS lorry should carry a pick and shovel or spade on the side. I found an original WW1 dated pick which Steve mounted on the Dennis. The Peerless requires three pick axes and three spades, while the Thorny requires one pick axe and a shovel. This leaves us with just four more pick axes and five shovels or spades to find. I had never seen a WW1 spade before until last weekend when I went to Stoneleigh. I also found three more WW1 pick axes. I certainly feel that we are on our way.
  13. Have you gone through everything in the tea chests now? Is there anything that is awaiting identification?
  14. I have always quite enjoyed trying to find the correct accessories for a military vehicle just to finish it off. Many photographs show GS trucks with a pick and either a shovel or spade on the side. When studying photos it seems that a spade was more common than a shovel. Steve made for the Dennis the correct pattern brackets which hold them together, although i am a little doubtful if they would have lasted on long bumpy roads before dropping off. While at Malvern recently I picked up a 1917 dated pick axe. It looked spot on and had the metal ferrule in place and was quite reasonably priced. A present for Steve and he wasted no time on fitting it to the lorry. A spade or shovel are required next to join it.
  15. Dad is progressing with the wheel cleaning. It is going to be a long old job. Completed one side so far. To break the monotony there is always painting to be done. We had a batch back from our local sand blaster. Always very satisfying to get the first coat of red on.
  16. Sometimes it is just like that. We have not had too much of that with the Peerless yet - still, there is plenty of time. Dad put the first coat of paint on the flywheel today and is scraping the paint off the front wheels.
  17. We have been looking at the front wheels of the Peerless. They do appear to be in rather good condition. The paint will need chipping off and cleaning out the hubs will take a bit of work but hopefully not too difficult a job although maybe rather time consuming. Sorry Dad.
  18. A few weeks ago (January 6 to be precise) I posted some photos of the front axle we were considering using. It was complete but in fairly rusty. Steve had a poke around in the stores and found another one which was in much better condition complete with steering parts and perhaps an easier proposition. He and Dad have taken this apart and have put it in the pile for sandblasting. The kingpins seem to be in good condition which is excellent news. Something else we dont have to make.
  19. Second coat of "green" on the Spring U Bolts. First coat of grey undercoat on the Fly Wheel. All the nuts for the U Bolts cleaned up - again the thread on the front ones is unusual at 5/8" x 16 UNS the rear ones are 3/4" x16 UNF.
  20. And while we are on the subject of lamp brackets, we are undecided which lamps to put on the Peerless. We have a nice set of Miller headlamps and either P&H, Adlakes or King of the road side. Looking at this photo of the Peerless recovery truck which we intend to recreate, I dont recognise either the headlamps or the side. The side looks a little like an Adlake but is not. Any thoughts anybody please?
  21. The front springs have gone off for a rebuild and should be ready in a month or so. Dad is continuing to work with the shackle pins, shackles and nuts for both axles which are now nearly ready. He has dug out the head lamp brackets which now need a good clean. He has also pulled out the spring U bolts some of which are looking rather tired. However, I think we have some in stock so we just need to dig out some better ones.
  22. Here is an original A Type body plate built by International Harvester but fitted to a B Type body on an FWD Model B.
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