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  1. WW1 finds and discoveries

    Wow. That is my kind of play park. There is a restored Quad in Argentina which runs and looks very nice.
  2. WW1 Dennis truck find

    The problem with Photobucket is they set up what was a cheap service - about £18 a year to host the photos (i have posted over 12,000 photos using photobucket on this and other forums). Photobucket have now increased the price to about £350 a year which really is rather prohibitive. Over the weekend i downloaded all of the photos from the Thornycroft forum into an order where i could repost them. My photobucket closes in March so i have a few more weeks to get them into a file which i can then reload directly on to HMVF. You may have noticed on the Thorny forum that Dads photobucket has already closed down and the photos on pages 52, 53, 63, 78 and 85 have now gone. We should be able to locate those and add them back on manually given a bit of time. Thankfully Steve took over a lot of the posting which i had done and did not use photobucket so his photos are ok. The Dennis thread is a different kettle of fish so to speak as that was all done through photobucket and downloading that and then reloading them again will be a lengthy task. But i have a few weeks to do it so i better make a start on it.
  3. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    It is advertised in several places. Milweb for 45,000: http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a2847/92052
  4. Pierce Arrow ww 1 truck for sale

    Hi Thomas The seller reads this forum so I don’t think it is fair for me to publicly give my opinion as to value. What might be a good starting point is if you did a search for “Pierce Arrow” on HMVF and see the many previous posts on the subject. I think that there have been four others offered for sale in recent years. Ask yourself what is the highest you would pay for it and then ask the seller what is the least he would take for it. See if you can meet in the middle. Why do you want it? You understand that apart from possibly a magneto or a carb there will be no available parts for it at all. What do you intend to do with it if you bought it? Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Tim
  5. IMHO, your thread on your GW trucks is invaluable to anyone who ir interested in restoring vehicles.  Not to archive them for history would be a mistake.



  6. WW1 Dennis truck find

    In a few weeks time my photobucket account will close and all the photos that i have published will be lost. I can upload them again using a different method but that will take some time to complete. I do plan to do this with the Thornycroft thread but my question is that as now the Dennis thread is pretty much finished is it worth my time to do this? Are people still looking at it? Or does it still make an interesting read and is worth saving even though it will be a lot of effort (albeit my effort). Does anybody have any strong opinions on it?
  7. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    That's very interesting. I have no idea what that matting would be used for. I wonder why the canvas would be black? I have never come across that before either. All very interesting stuff
  8. WW2 Soviet Armoured Patrol Boat BK-31 recovered

    Amazing. What a wonderful thing to recover.
  9. Spotted today....

    Fort Stewart in Georgia I believe. This is one of the Normandy recovered ones which were on display at Commes until recently.
  10. Spotted today....

    Sherman DD on the move.
  11. WW1 truck ID

    Yes, probably. The one in front looks like an Albion A10 perhaps?
  12. AEC 1917 Chassis??

    I think that it is an Austin twin shaft chassis. I think even £2K seems a lot, but there we go.
  13. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Hi Mike Really need Steve to answer that, but I would say that the top one is a post war J rad which has had a hole knocked through the tubes so that it would fit a war time chassis (possibly). The other two I don't think are J rads. Something smaller but not sure what. Let me have a think. Tim
  14. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The numbers are there but they have a crack and hole running through them (and now also a big weld too). I might have a better photo somewhere. Tim
  15. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Should be about here: