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  1. Thanks guys. Some interesting ideas there. The Thornys marked B and C were returned to Slough and then ended up in Basingstoke at the Thornycroft factory. Both were in very poor condition having suffered collision damage. I have not yet found any other markings but need to do some more work. I need to find more photos of them with these letters to make the connection. Thanks for your input.
  2. dad spent the day trying to free the stubborn Clevis Bolt. After spreading the end trying to get it out he eventually had to grind off the end to get it free. All the information still there to make copies.
  3. At the GDSF last year there was an FWD which had a large letter A painted on the side of the seat. This seems to be very old and I was wondering if it related to a category that the lorry was placed into for disposal. Looking through some photos I came across two other vehicles which had been marked with a B and a C. Can anybody shed some light on to what these markings might relate to? Thanks Tim
  4. Looking now at the Track rod or described in the Parts Book as the Steering Cross Rod. We have recovered a sound one from our "spares Department" but no Clevis Bolts. The Bolts incorporate Greasers. We have another old front axle with these parts still on it but the Clevis Bolts look beyond use again - so at least one has to come out to be used as a pattern for us to make two new ones. One has started to move but needs some more work yet.
  5. Now eyeing up the next job - we have two King Pins that will want tidying up but will be fit to be used again but only one nut for them so the second nut will have to be made. They are 2" A/F and the thread is either 1.42" x16 or maybe 1.40" x16 - depends which one you measure. We have 2" Hex steel in stock so that should be a straight forward job.
  6. All 4 Spring Straps fitted. Threaded Hole put in the new Bush for a Greaser and the three original Greaser threaded holes remaining in the two Springs cleaned up and trial fitted with Greasers
  7. Dad machined the Bronze Bush today - left a fairly slack fit for the Shackle Pin as the internal diameter of the Bush will decrease when it is squeezed into the Spring. Started by jacking it in into the Spring - our usual method but it tightened up considerably when it was about half way in. Had to resort to the Press and that finished the job easily.
  8. Dad managed to get that worn-out Bush out of the Back Spring. Fortuitously, he has a piece of 1.75" Diam Bronze Tube in stock for a new one which he picked up some years ago at a local Tool Shop - 8" length for just £4 - a bargain. He knew that one day it would be useful!
  9. Of the rear spring brackets, one was good but three need replacing.
  10. Both Front Springs have now been successfully hung. It was thought that the first one would be the easiest but that took dad about 1 1/2 days. As he had got the hang of it the second one went on in about 1 1/2 hours. The Spanish Windlass held it in position whilst he slipped the pin in. Next job will be the rear springs but that might require some assistance.
  11. And finally for today, a momentous occasion indeed. Chassis reunited with name plate which we took off about 25 years ago.
  12. Dad tried the rear spring shackles for size.
  13. Some decent weather allowed for some more spring painting. Dad also painted the bottom part of the lamp brackets and mounted them to the chassis, thed dropped in the top part to see how they looked. Tried the spring shackles and front hooks for size. We will soon be ready to put the front axle and wheels on.
  14. Dad has reamed out the bushes in the back springs and been very busy in the paint shop again,
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