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  1. I should have guessed. Thanks Alan. A bit more of a market for them in the UK.
  2. It looks wonderful. Well done both of you.
  3. Using the magic of modern technology this should hopefully be a clip of it starting for the first time since the rebuild.
  4. Well that is good news Rob. I look forwards to seeing your updates. Cheers Tim
  5. Thanks for posting that John. What a super photo and piece of history. I am pleased that you enjoyed this thread. Here is another one of NZ forces entering Cologne with Dennis
  6. That's it. Thanks Alan. Made less than $10,000. Seems quite reasonable. Lots of other interesting stuff in the auction as well. All went for very little.
  7. Bottom one is a Reo. Top one, mmmnnnn,
  8. I think that it was in Berkshire. Are you seriously interested in it?
  9. I think this is an AEC K Type. What do you think.
  10. That is amazing. Where on earth did you find something like that? Really wonderful book. I do like the term Kriegministerien Subventioniertes System which really supports that it is the same model.
  11. Super photos. Thanks for posting them. Is the upside down Peerless in Salonika? Background looks more European. I hope the driver survived that.
  12. Nash Quad. Apart from a seized engine it looked just about all there. Now sold.
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