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  1. Dad has been keeping himself busy with some more painting.
  2. I know what you mean, We were excluded from taking the Dennis to a show once. It was a WW2 show and they didnt want any WW1 stuff. Funny.
  3. We went looking for front Peerless springs. I am quite happy that we have now searched everywhere and we only have the ones on the complete chassis and this slightly sorry looking pair.
  4. I had a rummage around in the garage on Monday and found another box of Peerless parts including some more bonnet catches of which three looked to be in great condition. It is funny, you forget what you have got and forget even more where you left them.
  5. What? It has taken nearly 30 years to achieve that patina!
  6. Dad has been busy painting things. Despite all the chassis that we have owned we only seem to have two pairs of these shackles (the second pair being on the complete chassis) and these are quite worn. Nothing insurmountable though. I do think that we might already have another pair on the chassis in the back of the garage. It is a bit buried at the moment but I will try and take a look at it when I am down next.
  7. Just had some sand blasting done. Time for Dad to get out his paintbrush again.
  8. We have been looking at the springs. We seem to have two fair sets of rears and one mediocre front pair. I dont think that we have any others in stock.
  9. Checked the journals and they were all found to be fine.
  10. With the crankshaft out the next task was to clean up the flywheel and remove the engine mountings for sand blasting. Nothing is ever straightforward though and this took a great deal of heat and time.
  11. Yes, you are quite right Gordon. I have a photo somewhere of it all having gone horribly wrong and the Peerless hanging by its rear wheels only. We had a rare family gathering on Saturday which allowed us to progress a bit more on the Peerless engine. Main objective was to get the crank shaft out. So first we had to flip the engine over which even with a chain block was a little bit exciting. When we had turned it over we found all of the nuts which secure the journals were just finger tight, so we were wondering what the previous owner who had taken it apart was planning. He is the same guy who smashed two pistons so maybe he didn’t plan on running it again. The bolts at the front were partially obstructed by bolts securing the clutch so these had to be removed first. Everything was found to be in super condition which was very pleasing.
  12. That is a tempting option. We need a ship and a large crane but we could do that.
  13. We will need some wings made at some stage. Steve has a very battered and rotten one up with him which he intends to use as a pattern for drawings. I thought that we had a better one in the spare parts caravan and got it out. Hopefully having both will give Steve enough information to draw out the front wings and get them made. Back wings might be less of a problem as although we do not have an original they are fairly uniform in shape.
  14. One of the issues that seems to plague Peerless trucks is bent wings - especially the back ones. This photo seems to demonstrate the cause quite well.
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