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  1. Great War truck

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    Each Peerless was fitted with two wooden tool boxes with a metal lid. While at Beaulieu a few years ago were were very lucky to find an original one for a reasonable sum. After it was purchased we were asked what it was "It is a tool box from a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve replied. "What are you going to put it on" he was then asked. "On to a Great War Peerless army lorry" Steve explained. For some reason the guy seemed disappointed. Anyway, one down, three more to find.
  2. Great War truck

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    Yes, you are right. I have found some photos which I took some years ago. A slightly different arrangement.
  3. Great War truck

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    Thanks chaps. Allof the equipment should have been electrically powered so no need for line shafting. Good idea though. It was the first photo and the two verticals towards the far end on the left. I have seen another vertical on a photograph which looks like it was securing a pillar drill, but I have not seen anything quite like these. Thanks Tim
  4. Great War truck

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    David showed me some photos of the workshop not long after he acquired it and he asked me what the two vertical supports in the first photo were used for. I have never seen these on any of the workshop body photos that I have seen so thought they might be added later, but David is confident that they were either built into the workshop as new or popssibly added very professionally later on. They do seem to have the original colour paint as per the rest of the lorry. Any thoughts please?.
  5. Great War truck

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    I am sure most forum members will remember seeing the two RAF Leylands at the Knowle Hill rally on the forum a few years ago. The second chassis on top of the first with the parts to restore it scattered amongst many other additional lots. They were both purchased by David Seeley who restored one, moved it on and then started on the second one but fitted it with an original workshop body which also featured on here some years ago. This could be seen at the GDSF this year. Although not finished it has really come along.
  6. Great War truck

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    The glass is very easy and cheap to get cut. The reflectors are impossible to get.
  7. Great War truck

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    Does it have WD stamped on the top or is it a civilian one?
  8. Great War truck

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    That is a post war modification for when it was used to transport sand. The tipping mechanism had long been removed so I have no idea how it worked.
  9. Great War truck

    Great Dorset Steam Fair WW1 Convoy

    Here are some photos of the gathering at Bovington.
  10. Great War truck

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    We say this many times but of all the trucks that we own we have always been very lucky in finding original parts for the Peerless truck. For the Peerless we have once again been exceptionally lucky and long may it continue Almost exactly two years ago we were made aware of surviving chains and headlamps which were removed from one of our Peerless truck chassis when it was collected from Middlezoy for restoration in the 1960’s. The new owner was supposed to come back and collect them but never did. By a remarkable series of coincidences we made contact with the original vendor Mike Davis who still had them and said that he had been expecting someone coming to collect them for the last 50 years. Mikes Grandfather bought the Peerless from Army Surplus in 1919 at an auction in Southampton and drove it home in the dark. Unfortunately the lamps kept going out so he sat on the wing and kept relighting the lamps while his friend drove home. The Peerless was used all of its working life in their Sand Business. When the Peerless was eventually worn out and the remains sold on, the chains and Lamps were left behind and Mike retained them in his shed– just in case they were ever wanted again!. The unrestored Peerless eventually ended up with us after going through other owners (we have had it about 25 years). We made contact with Mike who was happy to hand over the chains and lamps and explained the background of the family Peerless. He was very pleased to think that they would be reunited with the family lorry. Here are a selection of photos showing our new acquisitions and the Peerless as it appeared in use with the Davis family and parked up in a field where it spent a large chunk of its life. The chains need a good clean as do the lamp brackets. The lamp shells are beyond repair but the internals are perfect for some empty shells that we have.
  11. Great War truck

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    I gave it to a girl in exchange for socks.
  12. Great War truck

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    It was a fantastic day out. Quite amazing. Hundreds of photos are turning up on the internet. I quite liked this one which I have borrowed from elsewhere. You may notice I have been promoted to Lance Corporal, Steve to a WO1 but Dad remains a private!
  13. Great War truck

    FWD gets new shoes

    Did we work out why there were three wooden panels in the body?
  14. Great War truck

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Thanks for all of your positive comments chaps. Steve, Dad and I would like to thank everyone for coming back to look at this thread and add ideas and information as we needed it. It wouldn't be as half as much fun without you. Thanks Tim Forgot to say. Nothing to do with us.
  15. Great War truck

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Cant quite manage that. But this was close: