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  1. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    I know it's a really really long shot after all this time but do you have any recollections of what she was like? Cheers Mick
  2. Mickfl

    Army Fire Service Land Rover

    I have the record card and it confirms she stayed with the AFS at West Moors all her service life so I'll stay with DBG then. Thank you, Mick
  3. Hi, I own an ex Army Fire Service Series 3 Land Rover 88 (40 GT 06). She entered service in 1979 at West Moors and was retired in about 1993. In her early days she was in Deep Green Gloss. Does anybody know if she would have been painted in drab or camo in her later service life? If so what crest/markings could I expect her to have worn? Thanks Mick
  4. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    It looks like I'll need a canvas hood, blue lamp with a mast, door transfers and D rings to get my landie looking the part. The canvas and D rings seem to be readily available but I've no idea where to source the lamp and transfers. Am I right in thinking the paint is called bronze green?
  5. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    Think I'll have to go for the mast on the screen as you suggested in your earlier post (if I can even find a lamp that is). Don't think I'd want to ruin any hood I might buy.
  6. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    You're right, I'm really surprised. The pictures also bear out much of what you told me. Mick
  7. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    Thank you very much, you've answered a lot of questions for me. Mick
  8. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    Yes please that'd be great if you could. Thanks Mick
  9. Mickfl

    Vehicle History Land Rover Series 3 88"

    Thank you Richard & Ruxy, Ruxy, is yours canvas or hard top? Mine presently has a hard top with non-opening side windows. Could this have been an original fitment or a later add on. Thanks Mick
  10. Hi, I've purchased the B vehicle record card for my Land Rover from RLC. Any help explaining it would be greatly appreciated. All I can make out is that it went to the Army Fire Brigade at Westmoors, not sure how long for. I don't understand what the "VBO" or "S/O" means in the TXN column. Does anyone know what the abbreviation ADT means in the Unit title column. I think colour code 72 means bronze green gloss, if so would it have remained this colour until it was sold off? What markings, equipment etc... would it have carried when with the Army Fire Brigade? Many Thanks, Mick
  11. Mickfl

    New Member Intro

    Thank you for that. I'll register there. Cheers Mick
  12. Hi, I'm Mick Flindall. My children and I have been attending Military Vehicle shows with friends and decided we wanted a vehicle of our own. I've now bought a 1979 Land Rover Series 3 88" SWB. It needs some welding and other minor work doing to it before repainting into military colours. Any advice on improving gear selection and braking would be gratefully accepted. Military registration number was 40 GT 06. If anyone has any information of her during her Army days or how she would have looked I'd really appreciate it. Cheers Mick